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Course: Blue Mash Golf Course
Address: 5821 Olney-Laytonsville Road
  Laytonsville, MD 20882
County: Montgomery
Phone: 301-670-1966
Rates 2012 Season
Monday - Thursday6418 Holes w/Cart
Friday7418 Holes w/Cart
Sat-Sun-Hol8418 Holes w/Cart
Rates Subject to Change! Always check with the course for current fees.
5/1/2008My last time at Blue Mash the player support was akin to a military camp. Recently attitudes had calmed down, so the enjoyment was back in at this very fine course in Montgomery county. Windy days can really put some bite in an otherwise forgiving layout. Plush would be the best way to describe the course after recent heavy rains. The practice facility is a nice one, too. Club Golf now uses a part of the range for their training. If an award were given for oddly designed clubhouses, Blue Mash would be a contender. It is U shaped with a center courtyard! Ayce
3/23/2007Seems like every time we get out to Blue Mash we’re dodging some rain to try and get in a full 18 and today was no different. Mother Nature cooperated today however, by merely raining while we were having a sandwich at the turn. For an early season round, Blue Mash played its usual tricks on me in what I consider the most challenging opening 5 holes that I’ve had the pleasure to play. As mentioned prior, the first 3 par 4’s are substantial in length and all can lead to a tricky putt depending on flag position – and your accurate mid-long iron approach to the green! That is, of course assuming you’ve hit a big tee ball too…add it up and you’ve got to be striking the ball well to get through these three holes around par or so. Some may argue #4 is a bit of a break but the mid range par 3 has a tricky green that you probably need to hit to make a par. Throw in my final “challenge” hole - a tricky par 5 and you’ve made it through the opening five challenge. Oh yea, there’s more, on the back you’ll be faced with 2 (in my estimation) difficult par 3’s over water – both requiring a long iron or possibly fairway wood over water with very little bail out room. Of course if you happen to be good with those clubs, than have at it and throw down a few birdies! Ah yes, the course conditions – we need to comment that this course is in pre-season form and will only get better – not that it was that bad right now but good weather and the superintendent’s care will definitely improve things to what we’re used to at upscale courses like this one. For right now, enjoy the layout and challenges that Blue Mash offers and get your game in gear! Lefty
10/1/2006I’ve always liked this very playable course, though it’s a bit pricey now for what you get. Unfortunately a large part of what comes with the $85 weekend admission is the all too popular attitude “lucky to play here, don’t touch anything, and get out of here as quickly as possible. I had heard of, and even experienced, a bit of this ‘tude’ at Blue Mash before, but nothing like this occasion. At the first tee while our 3 foursomes were deciding who should go first so as to speed play (we had been warned twice before even teeing up), the starter barked gruffly “on the tee in one minute or you lose this tee time.” A dozen of us had paid to play and that was our welcome! This atmosphere continued throughout our round, possibly in part to the sensitizing we had received on tee #1, but it just shouldn’t have happened. Too bad some courses - and more often it is the high end wannabes - don’t give lessons to their staff in common courtesy. Ayce
7/3/2006A hot muggy day was the Monday prior to the 4th for another Waggle research day. Blue Mash is a very challenging track as mentioned in prior reviews with the opening 3 holes being long par 4s but let’s not forget those difficult par 3’s especially on the back nine. Your first par three on the back is number 11 which measures up over 200 from the tips and will require a long iron from just about any tee. Add the wind in your face and all carry over the water, no real bail out unless you like the sand and you’ve got a tough par three. Number 17 is another mid-long par three at about 175 yards from “normal” tees. (The ones you and I usually play for a 6300 yard course) Depending on the pin position it can be more or less difficult. Take it from the Lefthander, hit the center of the green on these two par threes, take you par and run! On this day, Blue Mash was in excellent shape in spite of the recent heavy rain damage. Of course, the sand traps were a quagmire but what could you expect with the feet of rain they’ve had. Fairways, Greens, and tee boxes were in superb shape. They’ve got a great practice facility and it always seems to attract a lot of “practicers”. Perhaps that’s something I should work on? In any event, for a real test of golf and I’m not only talking about the previously mentioned holes, give Blue Mash a play! Lefty
6/16/2006Blue Mash is a very well maintained links style course that has some tough holes (like #1) but on the whole is a scorer’s delight. Several short par 4s offer drivable chances for most hitters. Par fives greens can be at least ‘neared’ by many players. The two prominent negatives here are the small, ill-shaped clubhouse and the enormous power line towers running through an otherwise picturesque setting. This course has a similar look to Cannon Ridge in Fredericksburg, VA. Ayce
5/25/2006I hadn’t been to Blue Mash in quite some time and when offered to sneak out on a thunderstorm-threatening weekday I just had to accept. I was leery in the parking lot as my umbrella and drizzle stick were safely at home in my garage – makes you wonder why I took them out of my car? I was more concerned as the sky darkened and we got some light rain on #2-4 but the day turned out great as whatever nonsense rain found us quickly left and it turned into a beautiful sunny afternoon. Blue Mash was in absolutely superb shape on this day. Fairways, greens, traps and tee boxes were in pristine shape. The layout is challenging and you’ll be wondering how long is this course after holes 1, 2 and 3 which are all long (420+) par 4’s, but Blue Mash makes up for it with several short 300-ish ones later on in your round. I remember the closing hole on the front nine, a fairly long par five with water guarding the entire left side of the hole. You’ll also probably like #18 which is another par 5 which may be reachable in 2 if you hit’em long and straight. This course can be had as I’ve scored on it prior, but today just wasn’t my day and several bad swings cost me many shots. Alas, back to the drawing board! I can say that if you get a chance give Blue Mash a play – it’s in great shape and offers a real challenge. Lefty
7/15/2005We managed to dodge a few rain showers and get in a full 18 before the really big thunderstorms hit on a hot muggy Friday afternoon at this fine track. On my last play here last year, it seems like the course had matured somewhat from prior rounds – and I’m happy to report that it seems to have gotten even better to what I’ll now call pristine conditions. You may find a tee box or two which need some overseeding but nothing that will detract you from a great golf experience. I noticed (even more so than before) the length of the 1st three par 4’s. From the blue tees you’ll play 424, 428 and 453 and these aren’t even the most difficult holes being the 7, 9, and 5 handicap holes! Number 3 is especially a challenge requiring a big drive followed by a low iron to an elevated tee. If the wind is against you, play it as a par 5 and take your bogey and run! Other teasers include number 12 which is a reachable-in-two par 5 but you had better be accurate on your 2nd shot as water lurks to the right. The two closing holes include a mid-long par 3 over water and a three-shot par 5 to a slightly elevated green. Both can be birdied but you’ll need to be accurate and calm your nerves to do so. With a great clubhouse and challenging course, Blue Mash has developed into one fine golf venue! Lefty
6/18/2004Another Charity Golf outing supported by found me at Blue Mash Golf Club just west of Olney Maryland off MD 108. Blue Mash was the scene of the Fall Classic back in the summer of 2002 (the year of the drought and bad course conditions) and I anxiously looked for the chance to get back to see if things were better than before. I’m happy to report that the conditions have matured back to first class with fairways, greens, tee boxes and sand traps in tip-top shape! This course opens with several long par 4’s followed by some short (almost drive-able) ones providing an interesting change from one hole to the next. There are a couple of par 5’s, which should be reached in 2 while a few others must be played as 3 shot holes. Water comes into play on several holes on both tee balls and approach shots so select the right stick and just rip it! The clubhouse is now complete and offers a nice area to relax after the round and the covered patio provides outside seating as well. The staff was extremely helpful and friendly and Blue Mash seems to have developed into one fine golf course. Lefty
10/7/2002Blue Mash was the site of our 3rd Annual Fall Classic charity golf tournament. The teeboxes, rough and greens were in excellent condition but due to this summer's drought the fairways were beat up. But, as usual, the layout of the course is what impressed our guests the most and many where planning return trips next spring. The fantastic service of the Blue Mash staff helped make it an enjoyable day for everyone. If you are looking for a venue for an event next year be sure to check out Blue Mash. Bogeyman
9/20/2001Our much anticpated round at Blue Mash both excited and disppointed us. The course opens with several uninspiring flat, wide open, well bunkered holes with generous landing areas. Then just as you begin thinking this course is boring you get to numbers 7 & 8 and start your journey into the woods and the challenging back nine. The front nine was in very good condition for a new course but the fairways on the back were very thin. We were told that the back nine had been flooded during construction and was about 9 months behind the front in growing in. The driving range and clubhouse are still under construction and the staff was very friendly and accomodating while we waited for one of our foursome that was lost. This course changes personality often and we look forward to watching it grow up. Bogeyman
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