Hidden Valley Golf Club

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Course: Hidden Valley Golf Club
Address: 1 Craighead Drive
  Hidden Valley, PA 15502
County: Somerset
Phone: 814-444-1443
Website: www.hiddenvalleyresort.com
Rates 2012 Season
Weekdays4518 Holes w/cart
Weekends5918 Holes w/cart
Rates Subject to Change! Always check with the course for current fees.
7/15/2004We played Hidden Valley on the second day of the Ďoutingí. You would never expect 60 degrees and off and on rain in the middle of July but thatís (unfortunately) what we got which dampened our day somewhat at Hidden Valley. Iíd like to say that this course compares favorable with its neighbor Seven Springs but it just didnít. Back in May, I felt the conditions were decent, however on this trip they were not up to the previous standards. The layout is nice and there are several challenging holes and beautiful scenery but the condition of the course was not what I would deem ďresortĒ. The tee boxes were not well maintained with several having thin grass and many bare spots. The fairways were decent and rough was rough, however both of these areas had some bare areas which detracted from the overall condition. The greens were also decent although not what Iíd expect from a resort type course. They did hold shots and putted decently enough and although the conditions werenít the best, we did enjoy ourselves at Hidden Valley Ė after all, we WERE on the golf course! The price was reasonable too. Maybe they concentrate more on skiing than golf? Lefty
5/1/2004A family golf outing at beautiful Hidden Valley (not the salad dressing) near Somerset Pa just off the PA turnpike resulted in me giving up my weekend to work for Waggle! Well, somebody HAS to do it. What I can tell you is that Hidden Valley is one of the most scenic courses Iíve played this side of the Mississippi. Many views are breathtaking and visibility was estimated at 20 plus miles from several tee boxes. The course was also a thing of beauty. It was challenging enough (133 slope from the white tees) but yet forgiving enough to be a resort course. The price for this early season play was unbeatable. Being up in the mountains, you can probably imagine that there are not too many flat lies and many shots are over, around, or through hills and valleys. I expected this and Hidden Valley delivered although if you kept it in the short grass there were actually several fairly flat lies. We played both Saturday and Sunday and I could have played it again and again. A couple of the par 5ís were reachable in 2 and the par threes offered a good challenge but if you hit the green you could score well here. The bunkers and greens were in decent shape for early season (greens healing nicely from spring aeration) as were the fairways. A few tee boxes were in need of some growth but all in all, it was a great play for the price. I canít wait to get up to Seven Springs in the summer to make a comparison, but for now, Hidden Valley wonít do you wrong if youíre planning a get-away to PA! Lefty
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