Hunt Valley Golf Club

Almost Spring Golfer



Course: Hunt Valley Golf Club
Address: 14101 Phoenix Road
  Phoenix, MD 21130
Phone: 410-527-3300
4/23/2006An annual outing held every year (isn’t that what “annual” means?) was held at Hunt Valley Country Club on this fine late April Day. We played the Blue and White nines. Unfortunately for most of you out there, this club is private, but perhaps you’ll get a chance to play it someday. In general, this course was MUCH more like a Country Club than my prior review of Prospect Bay. The fairways, greens and tee boxes were in pretty good shape. The course is a hilly one with several breathtaking views from the tee. You’ll like #1 on the Blue nine which features about a 2000 foot drop from tee to green. Just kidding about the 2000 part, but it is one heck of a down hill drive. The hole measures about 360 and a good drive can get you a chip to the green for an easy birdy. Unless you chili dip it…like the old lefthander did on this day! You’ll also like the finishing hole on the blue nine which is an impossible par 3 if playing into the wind. It’s about 200 yards and about 1000 ft Uphill. Again, just kidding about the uphill part but it’s a tough hole to par. We had a good time at Hunt Valley – get a member to treat you to a round sometime! Lefty
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