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Course: Maryland National Golf Club
Address: 8836 Hollow Road
  Middletown, MD 21769
County: Frederick
Phone: 301-371-0000
Rates 2012 Peak Season
Mon - TH7918 Holes, Cart, Practice Facility
Friday8918 Holes, Cart, Practice Facility
Sat, Sun & Holiday9418 Holes, Cart, Practice Facility
Rates Subject to Change! Always check with the course for current fees.
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White (Men)60697113269.6
White (Women)60697114075.5
Green (Men)55497111967.2
Green (Women)55497113372.3
Red (Women)48447112068.3
4/2/2009An overcast 60 degree day was perfect for a mid-week round at Maryland National on this early spring day. I hadn’t been to Maryland National for a while and looked forward to checking it out. I was very impressed with the condition of the course as it seemed even better than its normal “superb” conditions. I’ve said it before but something about this course always gets me and several holes had their way with me with double bogeys but those were not the “usual suspect” holes for me but other more docile ones. Alas, if it’s not one thing it’s the other. You can’t talk about Maryland National without mentioning the closing 3 holes. #16 is a risk-reward drivable par 4. Either go for the green with a 3 wood or lay up and play for a regulation par. The lefthander just missed the green and pitched poorly and still had a birdie opportunity but missed it and had to tap in for par. Rats! Then #17, a mid-length par 3 which is a hit-the-green-or-you’re-in-trouble shot. There is a bail out area short and right of the hole so if you’re going to miss that is the only safe area. A well struck 9 iron got caught up in a cross wind and that’s where my shot ended up. Another poor pitch and 2 putts later, I walked off with a bogey. Finally, the par 4, #18 which is one of the most difficult closing holes in the area. A big drive with a slight draw left me about 160 out, however a fairly strong wind in my face had me looking at another knee-knocker “hit-the-green-or-you’re-in-trouble” approach shot. (See #17 above). I managed to hit a slight draw into the wind and 2 putted from about 70 feet to happily walk off with a closing par. A nice cold beverage in Maryland National’s Shroyer’s Tavern left me with that “good taste in my mouth” to get back out golfing again soon! There is a pretty good special in the Waggle Golf Pass for a discounted play at this fine track. Check it out at the pro shop. Then you can play Maryland National for a great price! Lefty
11/4/2008The Election Day outing was held at Maryland National on a beautiful overcast early November day. With little wind and 60+ degree temperatures, I expected the course to be crowded but alas everybody must have been out voting? The condition of the course was superb and because of the lack of players, we were able to get around in a little over 4 hours and as you all know, that’s a really nice pace for a round of golf. I was impressed with the condition of the greens as well. They held shots nicely and were deceptively tricky often breaking the opposite way you’d have figured. The par 3’s are particularly challenging too – especially #17 which is a “hit the green or take a penalty” type hole. Any review of Maryland National has to mention #18 which is a very difficult closing hole. A long and accurate drive is required which will then leave you with a mid-iron to a narrow green with a hazard only about 3 feet to the right side of the green. With a trap on the left – if you’re gonna miss, miss left and or long! Unfortunately, this Lefthander hit a slight draw on my drive which cost me one stroke in the fairway hazard. I hit what I thought was a great approach but alas another slight draw and I did what I just told you NOT to do which was miss right. Rats! A closing double bogey and what could have been! All in all we really enjoyed the course and the scenery of the trees changing colors. The bar/restaurant is an excellent place to get a post-round beverage – or you may want to consider having your dinner there as the food is excellent and many locals utilize the restaurant as a staple place to eat. Something else to consider is the Maryland National special in the Waggle Golf pass (formerly the US Golf Pass) which will allow you to play it at a substantial discount! Either way, get out and give Maryland National a play – I really think you will enjoy the course, the clubhouse and (my favorite) the post round beverage! Lefty
7/25/2007A mid week jaunt to Maryland National was in the cards for the ‘ole Lefthander and what a nice time was had! The condition of the course was superb (although a green or two did have a few rough spots) and a quick round on this tricky and challenging course was just what the golf doctor ordered. As usual, several holes had their way with me and several double bogeys later, I’m thinking “will I ever shoot a score on this course” but a decent recovery on the back nine righted the ship and I came in about “normal”. The group I was playing with played the white tees and at just under 6100 yards, I had several close approach shots in the 100 yard range. Nonetheless a pushed shot or over-the-top pulled wedge later and I’m tapping in for bogey so perhaps the short tee boxes really do not matter? On the day, #16 was playing downwind and a big 3 iron-wood got me pin high just off the fringe but as usual, the short game failed and a tap in for par (4) was a disappointing finish! Alas, at least I was chipping for eagle! As usual, 17 and 18 provided a big finish/challenge and 2 bogeys later I was thinking what could have been. You now the feeling; I missed 3 putts that I should have made, took a double bogey on xx, here made one bad swing there that cost me a shot…all of a sudden, you should have shot par! Take it from Lefty, Maryland National will test your shot making skills – no matter which tees you play. There is a pretty good special in the US Golf Pass for discounted play at this fine track. Check it out at the pro shop. Then you can play Maryland National for a great price! Lefty
5/20/2007A mini-tournament at Maryland National Golf Club in Middletown Maryland just west of Frederick brought 20 very happy golfers out on a beautiful spring day. I had not been to Maryland National for a couple of years and am extremely pleased to report that this course has only gotten better with age. The conditions were pristine and the course – as usual – played challenging yet fair. The staff was extremely helpful and gave a pre-round “pep talk” which included info about the on-cart GPS. I found it to be quite useful and very user friendly. In fact, it tells you how far the cart in the group in front of you is so you know when it’s safe to hit. It also provides current sports scores – everybody needs that while playing a round of golf! I actually enjoyed the dreaded #18 today (as did Bogeyman – although there was an issue as to which ball he actually hit on his approach) with a closing par but unfortunately for me, too many other holes resulted in treacherous double bogeys and my score wasn’t as good as it should have been. Alas, it was a great time and the course is a blast to play. Throw in the super conditions, the cool GPS, excellent pro shop and even better bar/restaurant and you’ll have a great day at Maryland National. Be on the lookout for more Waggle mini-tournaments – you can sign up at the pro shop accessed from the home page. They are a really fun time – and even though they are called “tournament” they are really just a way to play discounted golf at a great course for less than “rack rate”. You’ll also receive prizes before and after the event – no matter how good or bad you shoot! Prizes to boot – what’s not to like! Take a look and sign up as they sell out fast! See you soon and hit’em straight. Lefty
8/18/2005My old neighbor came to town for a visit and what a better way to hang out than by visiting a nice golf course. Maryland National Golf Club – again is in superb shape with all tees, fairways and greens in excellent playing condition. Unfortunately for our group, a mid-week tournament of how-do-I-say-this-nicely “non-golfer-types” had 4 hours of tee times blocked off right before we went off and our pace was excruciatingly slow which detracted somewhat from our fun. Finally on number 15, we had a visit from the assistant pro who took us back to number 1 for a “speed-golf-all-you-can-play” fiesta. Although we didn’t get to play those final closing 3 holes that I so enjoy, we did manage to play nearly 30 holes and I can definitely tell you Maryland National is a nice course to play. It’s also very challenging as you need to keep the ball in play and putt from the correct part of the green. The GPS on the carts with rolling sports scores is another added nice touch. It also shows you the carts in front of you so you can tell when they’re cleared out and it’s safe to hit – note this really came into play for us on this particular day; however I believe it’s the exception rather than the norm for Maryland National. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, play Maryland National – you’ll want to go back for more! Lefty
6/26/2005Another mini-tournament of 2005 was held at Maryland National Golf Club in Middletown Maryland just west of Frederick and what a difference a couple of months make! The 90+ degree day was only a slight contrast to the prior tourney there where it hailed on a few holes (scroll down to 4/24/05 review). As is the norm, this track was in superb shape with all tees, fairways and greens in excellent playing condition. Even #16 green has come back due to the fact that many trees were removed allowing the green more air and sunlight. As usual for me, #7 on the front got me again, although this time it was my fault with a poorly struck approach into the bunker. A poor bunker shot, average chip and missed 10 footer and Lefty’s got another double bogey! My last review said “Birdie it and you’ve earned kudos from me”, well I owe kudos to one member of my foursome as he hit his approach beautifully to 3’ and knocked in the putt – at least now we all know it can be done! Other memorable holes are the closing 3 - #16 is a classic risk reward drive the green or not hole (it can be done), #17 is a great par 3 in which you either hit the green or go to the drop area (drive to the green and go to the right side and you see behind the sand trap), and finally the hole everyone complains about, #18 a difficult par 4 in which you need a big drive and accurate second shot; miss left and you’re in a bunker, miss right and you’re in a hazard which sits right next to the green (it’s almost unfair how close the hazard is!). On this day, I got through these three holes in 1 over which salvaged an otherwise bad round. Oh well, Maryland National is a challenge and I know I’ll be back again. I gotta mention the great bar/restaurant for the 19th hole and the helpful friendly staff – it all continues to add up to a nice day of golf! Lefty
4/24/2005The 1st mini-tournament of 2005 was held at Maryland National Golf Club in Middletown Maryland just west of Frederick on a colder-than-a-golfer-wants early Spring afternoon. After some warm eighty degree weather just a week or so ago, we were “treated” to sub-50’s, wind, mist, and even hail for a couple of holes. Fear not, we’re here to talk golf not weather! Even though this course always seems to be in good condition, it seemed even better today. All tees, fairways and greens were in excellent to superb shape. A couple of sand traps could use a little work but hey, don’t hit into them if you’ve got issues with poor sand! I know, easier said than done! On this day, the weather played to biggest factor however on this course, if you pick your spots you can score well. One tough hole for ole’ Lefty is #7 on the front. Birdie it and you’ve earned kudos from me as that hole always eats me up. You’d think a par five of average length can be had but you need a good drive and smart play on the approach to put yourself in position for that elusive bird. If you’ve got a front pin you’d better bring your “spin it back” shot to pull it back up the down-sloping green! Good luck and let me know if you birdie it and how you did it. Although I’m griping about this hole, most of the holes at Maryland National can be birdied. Good shots are rewarded and several short holes require smart placement over long distance. These are those rewarding shots that you remember long after you’ve completed the round (In fact, if you’re like me, you can sometimes remember certain shots years later!) Get out there, make those memorable shots and see for yourself. Check out the really nice bar/restaurant for the 19th hole as well! Lefty
7/25/2004A mini-tourney was held at Maryland National Golf Club in Middletown Maryland just west of Frederick on a cloudy but otherwise beautiful July day. Hey, with 75 degrees and a slight breeze in late July, one cannot complain! We’ve played this course before and were again impressed again by both the condition of the course and the challenging layout. We again noticed on this day that the course was in outstanding condition including tee boxes, greens and fairways. The only bad green was on the backside #16, and the maintenance staff has cleared several trees to hopefully allow some air to get to the green and “cure” it. Again, we notice that this course is the classic “risk/reward” track so pick your spots and go for it. This is one track you should play and if you happen to mess up the 1st time, go have a beverage (the bar-keeps are nice and friendly) and make plans to play it again. Lefty/Bogeyman
6/14/2004The yearly Washington Golf Monthly Summer Solstice experience was Maryland National Golf Club in Middletown Maryland just west of Frederick. We’ve played this course before and were impressed again by both the condition of the course and the challenging layout. For those of you who don’t know what “Solstice experience” refers to, it is a golf tournament which is held around June 21st every year (the longest daylight day of the year/i.e. Solstice) where golfers tee off at the crack of dawn (usually about 5:45 am) and play continuously for 3 rounds – that’s 54 holes – usually ending up about 7:30 pm. The team has played every year for the past 8 years and we usually fare pretty well! Maryland National has several challenging risk/reward holes where you can score well with a well placed drive or aggressive approach shot to a par 5. A few that come to mind include some drive-able a par 4’s which require your tee shot to both be accurate and “soft” at the green. A few of the par 5’s are reachable in 2, especially on #2, if you can just work around that darn big Oak tree in the middle of the fairway! While there are these “easy scoring holes”, several others offer a little to no room for a bail out, and if you happen to hit an errant approach shot, you may take a number. The par 4 10th is a very challenging approach shot and the closing 2 holes (par 3, 17th and par 4, 18th) don’t leave much room for error either. There are several tee locations and on this day, we had the opportunity to experience the difference from the standard white tees to the Championship gold tees. On several holes it drastically changed the tee shot and how to play the hole! We enjoyed our (long) day at Maryland National and think that you will too. Lefty/Bogeyman
5/6/2004Near perfect conditions can only describe Maryland National on a recent visit! In addition to one of the most varied and challenging courses in the region, I was treated to some of the very best conditioned fairways and greens you could imagine. The cooler temps of the MD mountains will be welcome in our summer heat and help to make a day of golf exceptional. As if the outstanding course were not enough, a beautiful clubhouse, great practice area, and friendly staff made this one of my very favorite golf venues. I challenge you to find greens any truer than these! Ayce
10/31/2003OK – so October was a good month, check that, a great month for yours truly at the local links. On this Halloween day of 70 plus degrees, I was invited to play Maryland National for the 1st time. One of my playing partners wanted me to compare it to Musket Ridge across the road and after playing, I can say that there are some similarities but some big differences too. The similarities include beautiful scenery (perhaps more so than Musket), upscale tracks with undulating fairways and tricky, fast greens, and both feature beautiful clubhouse facilities. I felt the main difference was the difficulty of the course. I felt Maryland National was much more difficult and less forgiving than Musket Ridge - although both courses are extremely playable and the difference in slope is only 2. Another difference I noticed was that the greens (although still new) did manage to hold most shots a little better than Musket’s greens. Part of the difficulty is that several approach shots will be to narrow greens with hazards and or sand traps close by to catch misses (I remember #1 and #10 in particular). On a few holes there is really no “bail out” area to play to so you’d better hit your shot where it’s supposed to go (par 3, #17 for example). The condition of Maryland National on this date was spectacular with tee boxes, fairways, sandtraps, and greens in tip top shape. The rough was playable which did allow for some errant tee shots, but I felt this course played a little tougher than the 132 slope from the white tees. You’ll notice the par threes (five of them) which all feature challenging tee shots and tricky greens to make par a good score on them. The back nine seemed to play a little easier and I can’t wait to get back there to see if I can master the front nine next time out. Lefty
9/27/2003Maryland National has recently taken the next step toward fulfilling their dream of becoming a premier club for a day facility. Recently I visited their newly opened, beautiful 14,000 square foot clubhouse complete with vaulted beam ceilings and skylights. Eight of their outstanding 18 holes are visible from the wrap-around deck of the clubhouse, which affords great sunset views of South Mountain. The new clubhouse is actually a complete off-site business conference center boasting hi-speed internet access, total AV, a Kinkos type business center, and the ability to host small, medium, and large business gatherings. Since one of the owners is a restaurateur, a full scale institutional grade kitchen makes for excellent food service. For sports lovers a wall size projection TV is perfect for watching games, and the GPS on the carts gives sports scores! Showers in the locker rooms and individual lockers make this daily fee course seem like a country club. Round out these amenities with the professional, friendly staff and you have a great country club for a day. Ayce
7/24/2003As you approach Maryland National from the East you parallel hole #10. Once I saw this fairway now lush and green compared to last year’s brown dirt covering, I knew things had improved. Maryland National is now ready to play! Only a few blemishes remain from last year’s opening which saw many parts of the course in bad condition. This scenic course is nestled in a valley between I-70 and the Catoctin mountains and offers a fantastic layout. Maryland National is highlighted by dramatic elevation changes (although you rarely seem to be playing uphill shots), a diverse mix of landscape (links style, woodlands, marshland) and several risk-reward holes that will make your decision making tough. The clubhouse is scheduled to be open in August and will offer tremendous course views, good eats and amenities for corporate golfers looking to hold meetings then play. We particularly like the complete practice facilities. Be sure to get there a little early so you can hit balls, work on the short game, and fine tune the putts before your round. The entire staff from management on down is dedicated to creating a upscale experience for the daily fee golfer. We like how they are progressing and suggest you pay them a visit. Bogeyman
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