Prospect Bay Country Club

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Course: Prospect Bay Country Club
Address: 311A Prospect Bay Drive West
  Grasonville, MD 21638
Phone: 410-827-6950
4/14/2006Some buddies of mine requested my presence at a ‘groundbreaking’ at Prospect Bay Country Club in Grasonville, MD (just past Kent Narrows). Of course, I had to “break the ground” with them as this means, what else, golf! I figured I’d do a little Waggle research while there so here it is. When most of the time I think of “Country Club” I think of finely manicured fairways, greens and traps. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for Prospect Bay. Don’t get me wrong, this track is definitely “playable” and in fact, the layout on the back nine is pretty darn nice, but if I was a member at this Club, I wouldn’t be real happy with the conditions. To me, the fairways were a little sparse in some places and the greens were fairly bumpy. As I mentioned, the layout was challenging – especially the back nine but all in all, there are better places to play. I was hitting the ball pretty good this day and a few missed putts cost me a sub-eighty round, but what the heck, it was 70 degrees and the scenery was pretty good. Even a “rough” Country Club golf course is a great place to be on a beautiful day! Lefty
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