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Course: Renditions Golf Course
Address: 1380 West Central Avenue (Hwy 214)
  Davidsonville, MD 21035
County: Anne Arundel
Phone: 410-798-9798
Toll Free: 888-451-4144
Rates 2012 In-Season
Mon - TH59Greens fee, cart, and range balls
Fri - Sun & Hol79Greens fee, cart, and range balls
Rates Subject to Change! Always check with the course for current fees.
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7/5/2008A family July 4 weekend provided me with a rare opportunity to get out to Renditions and play a weekend round. I hadn’t been down there for about a year so I was anxious to see how the course was coming along and see if my new found swing was working. Playing with my family put added pressure as we play for big stakes (usually T-bones :). I must say that Renditions was in pretty darn good shape – at least he fairways, greens and tee boxes. Some of the bunkers needed some work but they were in no way “not playable” in my book. A few areas of “thin grass” around the greens were noticed as well but again, nothing to really complain about – the course was in fine shape! We got a shower for about 3 holes which soured our round a little bit however the course was good. The greens were pretty darn fast although the rendition of Oakmont’s #3 (which is hole #15) was, in my opinion, a little bid unfair. If you putted from the front of the green and left it pin high or less you had another 25 foot putt from off the front of the green (I know, I did it 2 times!). By the way, on my 3rd shot, I hit a beautiful lob wedge from about 80 yards directly into the cup – unfortunately, it hit the edge of the cup and bounced out about 20 feet into a sand trap. Several shots (and putts) later I was taking the dreaded one legged snowman! Talk about ruining a round! Alas, at least I almost birdied it! This track is always fun to play and if you play it from the blue tees like we did on this day, the course will really challenge you. It wasn’t one of my better rounds but Renditions is always a good time and I enjoyed it! The clubhouse and bar provide an excellent finish to a nice round of golf. Make sure to tell them that sent you! Lefty
6/14/2007The yearly mid June research trip to Ocean City usually features a play at a semi local course which just happens to be “on the way”. Renditions “Golf’s Grand Slam Experience” was the selection on this overcast but otherwise beautiful day. You can’t beat 70 degrees with a slight breeze to play golf! I’m very happy to say that Renditions is in fine shape. In fact, it may be in the best shape I’ve seen it in. The fact that the US Open was being played in good old Pittsburgh at Oakmont made playing #15 – which is a replica of #3 at Oakmont, the famous par 4 church pew bunker hole - even more special. As usual, this hole played tough and I again managed a bogey which wasn’t that bad considering my drive was LEFT of the church pew bunkers in the rough – but believe me the rough on this day was nothing like the rough we just witnessed at the real Oakmont – you could actually strike the ball without much grass interference. Nonetheless, the hole (and entire course) plays challenging and will require you to make good shots to score well. I also enjoyed #13 which is a replica of the island green at TPC Sawgrass. They say it’s the toughest par 5 in history and if you miss the green on this short (132 yards from the tips) par 3, a double bogey 5 is indeed a good score! A longer that I wanted right shot for me disappeared over the slope on the right side of the green leaving me with that “oh oh” feeling. But then arriving at the green and seeing the ball a couple of feet on the green, followed by a nice two putt gave me that satisfying feeling you get after making a tough par! I’m sure you’ll remember many other holes from famous golf tournaments as Rock Zang and his staff have done an excellent job with this course. Get a US Golf Pass from the Pro Shop and enjoy this course for a great price! And, make sure to tell them that Waggle sent you! Lefty
7/6/2006I figured I’d better go and re-check the condition of Renditions since my last review indicated that I thought it was definitely improving and I’m pleased to say that in spite of the heavy rains and soggy conditions, this course IS getting better and better. Although I wouldn’t put it in the “pristine” category just yet, it is improving seemingly by the month. We managed to slog around this “fun” playing all of those holes that give the pros on TV fits…or do they only give us “normal” golfers fits? One hole from Renditions that seems to give the Lefthander fits is #15 which is a replica of Oakmont #3 with the “church pew” bunkers. This is a mid length par four (408 from the blue tees – but it seems to play longer being slightly uphill) requires an accurate drive to avoid the church as well as the regular bunkers on the right side of the fairway. From there, you’ll have a mid iron to a turtleback green which never seems to hold my shot. Makes me wonder how the pros do it. In any event, this ‘nemesis’ hole of mine was defeated by me (if you call getting a bogey defeating it!) as I sunk a 15 footer to save a 5 after a good drive, poor approach, bad chip and long putt 15 feet past the hole on the other side of the turtle! Alas, moral victories can be had! I’ve always enjoyed playing Renditions and experiencing the fear that I’m sure the pros feel. There are some scoring holes here and if you pick your spots you can shoot a decent score. Renditions continues to get better and is definitely very playable right now! Lefty
11/27/2005A warmer than normal Sunday afternoon in late November with my parents in town was a nice excuse for me to take my 81 year old Dad to Renditions. I had not been to this track for a couple of years and had heard though the grapevine that it still needed to grow in some. I figured I’d check it out for myself…after all, at that’s a part of our “job”! Yeah, I know, sometimes work is fun. Unfortunately, I have to confirm what I’ve heard as this course has not yet fully ‘grown in’ with some areas in the fairways and roughs needing some attention. Now don’t get me wrong, this course is very playable and a lot of fun but it still needs some maturing before it gets a ‘pristine’ rating. This course is a good test of golf and provides you a great way to play holes like the Pros play. On this day, I played from the blue tees (approx. 6500 yards) and was challenged by several holes. On Amen Corner – replicas of Augusta National #11, #12 and #13 – I hit several good golf shots but still played those 3 holes at 4 over! I kind of felt like those pros do when they hit a good shot and think they will be putting for a bird only to be faced with a sand shot! My – what I felt was good - 8 iron on #7 which was right at the flag but landed in the bunker comes to mind! When you get to the greens you’ll still have some work to do as well. I hit another good shot at the ‘postage stamp’ green on #13 (TPC Sawgrass’s #17) hitting it over the bunker on the right side and out of sight from the tee box! While driving to the hole and dreading that it bounced in the water, I was very happy to see that it hit on the green and actually backed up a few feet to the very edge of the green, only about 5 feet from the water! From there I had a severe uphill slope to the top ledge and another 10 feet of right breaking putt to the hole. Well, I managed to leave it well short for a 3-putt bogey! Alas, if it’s not one thing it’s another! A couple of real easy birdie chances got away on some short misses on a few other holes and I didn’t hit the ball as well as I’d like, but when you haven’t been out for the past several weeks what can you expect? I did really enjoy Renditions and getting out to play a nice relaxing round of golf more than made up for the not-yet-fully-grown-in conditions. The staff treated everyone well and are very attentive. I’m sure this course will eventually come in and be a premier track to play in this area. In the meantime, look for some deals and get out see for yourself what some of the Grand Slam holes are like that our friends from the PGA play every year! Lefty
8/7/2004I and a friend played Renditions at Davidsonville, MD on August 7th. The course features replicas of holes from courses that have hosted major tournaments. So you get to play some links holes like Royal Barksdale to holes like those at Augusta National and Shinnecock Hills. What an experience. The courses on tour are very much different than those I am use to playing. The contouring, the bunkering and especially the undulating greens give me a better perspective of what the pros are capable of. It looks easy on TV, but as they say - these guys are good.

The course itself did not have a character of its own, which is not meant as a criticism. Because of its replication of a variety of holes, you had to look at each one differently and it was like having 18 new experiences or maybe 15 because they replicate the three holes at Augusta's "Amen Corner." Incidentally, they had the "Shots of Summer" qualification going on which is sponsored by Moore Cadillac and Washington Golf Monthly. It was on hole #7 which is Augusta National #12, over the water playing about 155 to the center. I blew the first shot over the green hitting the cart path never to be seen again. Out of the competition. The next shot was in the water so I ended up taking an 8 on the par 3 and was 9 shots over for the 3 holes making up Amen's Corner.

When all is said and done, I guess the hole I liked best was #13 which replicates the island green at the TPC of Sawgrass #17. Maybe because I've seen so many go into the water on TV. It's a daunting sight from tee to a small green and all the water. And guess what - I went into the water. But putting on the green was unbelievable as well. Again, I have to hand it to the pros. They make it look easy and it's anything but. We were told by the Assistant Pro - Matt Jarvis -that the course record at Renditions is 72. It seems impossible no one has done better but with the variety it is believable. Matt could not have been more helpful in checking us in, explaining the history of the course and how it plays. He insisted that we visit the Champions Room which is plastered with a multitude of golf memorabilia including pictures of the greatest golfers at the site of their accomplishments. And his staff was superb - from the starter and the bag boys (all dressed in their plus fours and flat caps) to the cheerful lady in the restaurant serving breakfast. It was a memorable experience that I hope to share with more friends in the future. I recommend it to every golfer, it's a thrill. Steve - Year of Golf Winner

10/14/2003The HP Fall Classic was held at Renditions which replicates holes from famous golf courses all over the world. On this particular day, the course was very playable with good conditions for the most part however it needs some more time to grow in and become a lush upscale course – which it will be soon. You’ll play Amen Corner (Augusta #11, #12 and #13), the famous “churchpew” bunker hole (Oakmont #3), and TPC Sawgrass #17, which is one of the most feared par three holes the pros face today. Several other replicas of British Open holes were complete with pot bunkers and wispy grasses throughout. The greens were pretty quick but fair. It makes you appreciate what the pros face and how good they are after experiencing the dismay of hitting a putt or chip and having it roll off the turtleback green like you sometimes see on TV. Fortunately, this didn’t happen often! All in all, this was an extremely enjoyable course and challenged you to hit like the pros! I look for good things at Renditions as the course gets more time to mature. Lefty
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