River Downs Golf Club

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Course: River Downs Golf Club
Address: 1900 River Downs Drive
  Finksburg, MD 21048
County: Carroll
Phone: 410-526-2000
Website: www.riverdownsgolf.com
Rates 2012 Season
Monday - Friday38Greens fees and cart
Sat/Sun/Holidays48Greens fees and cart
Rates Subject to Change! Always check with the course for current fees.
8/15/2001Today we visited River Downs in Finksburg Maryland which is just north of Westminster. Here we found a fine course, which was a real treat to play. You may be scratching your head, as you stand on the first tee and look down the oh-so-far looking landing area and think what a gimmicky course, but trust your golf gurus (that’s us) - it isn’t. After playing the “superdrop” tee shot on #1, the course winds through an upscale housing development and utilizes the natural rolling hill terrain to the max. Several holes have drastic elevation changes or require shots over steep ravines with waste areas and for some tee shots you’ll have to use discretion on whether to hit a driver or not. The fairways and greens, although not pristine, were certainly in good condition and this course will challenge your shot making abilities and your common sense. Many of your approach shots must be played to the “safe” side of the green, as misses to the wrong side can prove disastrous. Most tee shots can be a little erratic as there is some forgiveness off the tee to the landing areas. You’ll enjoy River Downs, we sure did! Bogeyman/Lefty
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