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Course: Whiskey Creek Golf Club
Address: 4804 Whiskey Court
  Ijamsville, MD 21754
County: Frederick
Phone: 301-694-2900
Toll Free: 888-883-1174
Website: www.whiskeycreekgolf.com
Rates 2012 Season
Monday - Thursday9018 Holes, cart, and range balls
Friday & Sunday10018 Holes, cart, and range balls
Saturday & Holidays11018 Holes, cart, and range balls
Rates Subject to Change! Always check with the course for current fees.
5/19/2007On a beautiful spring day that was supposed to be overcast we ventured out to Whiskey Creek to check out the course. Iím very pleased to report that this course (as is the norm) is in superb shape and definitely worth the price of admission. I really enjoy the challenge which it seems every hole seems to put out there in one way or another. When you do get a chance to play, stop on #5 tee box and take a minute to enjoy the beautiful view - then picture your long iron or rescue wood sailing straight down the hill to the middle of the fairway to the150 yard marker (depending on which tees you play, youíll need between a 170 to 230 yard shot) and make the tricky downhill approach to the green. As usual, this course played tough but fair. A hole to remember is number 15 which requires a mid to long iron (again depending on tees) to a green which runs parallel to the water. Depending on the pin position it can be an extremely challenging tee shot. Throw in a breeze and a par is a great score! The par 5ís on the back will challenge you as well. Especially #16 which played a long 516 into the breeze today. I sometimes struggle with distances on uphill approach shots and today was no different as a too-long approach shot left me with a tricky downhill putt which I promptly 3-putted. Alas, Iíll get them next time! I recommend Whiskey Creek as a pristine and challenging course which good golfers will enjoy (and non-good golfers might like it too!). Lefty
6/14/2005A hot humid day with a heat advisory and what a better place to be than Whiskey Creek in nearby Ijamsville (near Frederick) Maryland. A slight breeze this day made the day not as hot as it could have been although there were a few holes that it seemed to heat up considerably. Maybe because we werenít playing as well as weíd like? In any event, Whiskey Creek continues to remain a favorite of mine. It was in excellent shape from tee to green and one thing I noticed different from previous trips was the fact that many bail out areas Ė and what I mean by that is areas where you can miss the fairway and still play from the rough - have been allowed to grow in and now the course is more difficult to play if you donít keep it in the short stuff. Many of these areas are now so grown up that you simply drop another ball and take your medicine which Ė in my opinion makes the course play to the 136 slope rating for the blue tees. Carts were allowed on the course (except for a few holes) and the pace of play was good with absolutely no holdup (keep in mind it was a weekday afternoon) although there were several foursomes on the course. The beautiful clubhouse and friendly staff made the post round beverage extra nice! Give Whiskey Creek a play Ė youíll remember those tough par 3ís, and probably the closing hole (par 5 Ė where you may negotiate around the signature house in the left center of the fairway and get home in 2 to close with an eagle?). The front nine has a very similar hole Ė go for it! Lefty
11/2/2004Election day 2004 was a great day to get out and play some golf prior to voting and thatís just what I did. A small outing at Whiskey Creek was the play this year. Having played Whiskey Creek several times prior, I anticipated excellent conditions and was not disappointed. Fairways, greens, tee boxes and most sand traps were in superb shape. A few traps were a little short on sand but Iím sure that will be remedied over the winter. The course played real nice for me on this day, of course I was striking the ball just like I wanted to. You all know the feeling when the game is ďeasyĒ and you wonder why you canít play like this all the time! Youíll like the closing holes (both par 5ís) on each 9, which are reachable in 2 with a well-placed drive and approach. Just avoid the signature Whiskey Creek house in the left center of the fairway on #18 and you can close your round the right way! Whiskey Creek is definitely worth a look when youíre in the Frederick area. Lefty
10/21/2003I hadnít played Whiskey Creek since the Waggle.com team ventured there for the Summer Solstice of 2001, so I was anxious to see if any changes had occurred. Iím pleased to report that some changes have occurred and they are for the better. The course seemed more mature and ďfilled inĒ since our last visit there. The fairways, greens and tee boxes have taken on that lush full look that upscale courses are supposed to have. The clubhouse (which was always nice) had a great bar/buffet set up for the outing we were playing in. While the pro shop didnít have an overly large sales area that some other courses do, it was adequate and well stocked. The course itself is beautiful with scenery throughout. The course plays moderately difficult with several strategic tee shots and a couple of knee knocker par threes over water. You know the kind, either hit the green or get penalized! Being permitted to take carts out on the fairways (90 degree rule) was also nice. Depending on your skill level there are several sets of tees to play from although the undulating fairways and fast AND tricky greens make every set of tees a challenge. As one of the upscale courses near the Frederick area, Whiskey Creek is definitely one to visit and play. Enjoy! Lefty
7/1/2000Whiskey Creek has only been open for two weeks but the course is in great condition. Fairways, tees and greens are in excellent shape. Even the rough is already grown in, unlike most new courses where there are many bare spots or rocks. The layout is traditional, very beautiful and moderately challenging. Unlike many new courses which try to impress you with trickery, Whiskey Creek is very fair but still challenging. It's a course you could enjoy playing every day. Currently carts are restricted to the paths but I was encouraged to here that after the course get more mature (probably next year) they will allow carts to scatter off the paths. Overall I was very impressed with this new course. I'd include Whiskey Creek in my top five best courses (regardless of price) in the Washington area (including Augustine, Westfields, Raspberry Falls and Bull Run). Vranko
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