Pelz Clinics at Bulle Rock

Pelz Clinics Debut at the Acclaimed Bulle Rock Golf Course (Sept. 7 – 11, 2010)

Dave Pelz thinks THIS YEAR can be your best year in golf. The renowned short game coach/author says it’s a matter of practicing the proper methods and focusing on the shots that most affect your score.

Pelz, advisor to four-time major winner Phil Mickelson, says “How you play inside of 100 yards is the prime determinant of how you score. About 80 percent of the shots golfers lose to par occur in that range. My putting and wedge clinics teach golfers to execute these shots better and to improve their scores with better techniques on and around the greens.”

Expert instructors from the Dave Pelz Scoring Game School will be returning to the Baltimore area to help you do just that. The Pelz staff hosts a series of one-day putting and wedge clinics at Bulle Rock Golf Course from Sept. 7 – 11.

“If you want to lower your handicap, improving your short game and putting should be your biggest priority,” Pelz says. “It’s that simple.”

Students learn proper set-up positions and techniques to make repeatable swings for wedges, chips and bunker shots. The putting session is designed to improve green reading, putter path and face angle, set-up and sweet-spot impact.

Each six-hour clinic, taught by instructors from the renowned Dave Pelz Scoring Game School, contains a three-hour putting session and a three-hour wedge session. Clinics begin with indoor theory presentations, then move quickly outdoors so students can practice under the staff’s supervision.

The student-to-teacher ratio at each Pelz clinic is 6 to 1, with a maximum class size of 12. The fee is $395 per student.

To enroll, call (800) 735-9868 or visit

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