Golf Etiquette

Etiquette on the golf course? What am I supposed to do? I’m a beginner and am worried what the other players will think. When do I have to yell “fore”? If you are a little bit unsure of what to do out on the course, then we suggest you read up here for some pointers on proper golf etiquette. After all, nobody likes to golf a round with someone who is impolite! Even if you are a beginner and think you are not a very good golfer, you can still be a pleasant playing partner on the course. The fact that you are a beginner will not matter if you are ready to hit when it’s your turn and follow the basic rules of golf etiquette. The following etiquette tips will help you if you are unsure of what to do out on the course. Good luck and remember to have fun!

– Don’t be afraid of making a mistake or hitting a bad shot. All good golfers were beginners at one time or another. Everyone has been through the nervousness that you feel when playing with other “good” golfers. Enjoy yourself! Golf is fun!

– Stand quietly away from other players who are hitting their shot.

– Always watch your ball until it stops rolling. This will make it easier to find and speed up your play.

– Normally the player the farthest away from the hole hits first, however, if your group seems to play slow play “ready golf”. Ready golf means that when you get to your ball, be ready to hit it.

– Use the “honor” system. The player with the lowest score on the preceding hole has the “honor” of teeing off 1st on the next hole.

– Make sure to keep your golf cart away from the green. On some courses you may not take the golf cart off of the cart path. Obey the rules of the course. If you are pulling your own golf cart, keep it off of the tee boxes and away from the green.

– If the course is cart path only and your ball is on the other side of the fairway, take several clubs with you to avoid having to come back to the cart for the correct stick.

– If your group is playing very slowly and players behind you always have to wait on your group, allow them to play through.

– Don’t talk too much during the round. Other players in your group may be trying to concentrate or simply like being out on the golf course. Relax! Take in the sights! The golf course is a very scenic and peaceful place.

– Be considerate of others on the course.

– NEVER throw or bang your clubs into the ground. It’s not the club’s fault nor is it the ground’s fault. Besides, it makes YOU look like an idiot. Remember, keep your cool, golf is SUPPOSED to be fun and most everyone has made a bad shot before. Don’t be so hard on yourself and try to hit the next shot right.

– If you hit a ball towards other players, yell “fore” as a warning to them. An apology to the other players is also suggested.

– Drive golf carts safely. Nobody likes a hot rod on the course.

– Do NOT give advice to others on the course unless they ask you for it.

– Do not waste more than 5 minutes looking for a lost ball. Drop another one and move on.

– Do not step in the line of another player’s putt. If you have to walk around the other side of the hole to avoid walking in his line.

– Move off of the green as soon as all players are done putting. Wait until the next tee to record your score.

– On the putting green, do not stand directly behind the player or directly opposite the hole from the player. If possible, stay completely out of his line of sight. Also be careful that your shadow does not cast across his putting line to the hole.

– Repair divots on the fairways.

– Don’t practice on the course. Practice is for the range. If you hit a bad shot, DON’T throw down another ball and hit it. This may disrupt the other players in your group and is against the rules.

– Leave your equipment outside of the bunkers. Rake the sandtrap after you’ve escaped. Be considerate of other players who may hit into the sand behind you.

– If you see a ball mark on the green, fix it! (Of course, you will fix your own ball mark too!)

– Enjoy the game and allow others to enjoy it too.



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