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Ever make a wager on the golf course? You know it IS ILLEGAL! Hey! We DO NOT endorse any form of illegal activities, however, perhaps you and your golfing buddies could play for “points”. If you’d care to play for these points, we’ve attached a few different types of activities, which may make your next putt a knee knocker..good luck and remember, it’s just a game!


Probably one of the most popular methods of “playing for points” (i.e. The Skins Game on TV) Within a foursome, the low score on the hole gets a “skin”. A skin is predetermined to be a “point” by the participants. If one other player ties the low score the skin can be carried forward to the next hole and then the “skin” will be worth 2 points. NOTE: This can also be done for 2 or more foursomes by comparing scorecards after the round.
WAGGLECAPS can also be utilized to determine an unbiased system to allow all players to compete evenly. For example, and this is a rough example, say for instance your wagglecap is an 18 (this would roughly indicate you should bogey every hole), and you playing with another player who’s wagglecap is a 9 (he should bogey the hardest 9 holes and par handicap holes #10-18) You would take your score on a hole (and you would get a stroke every hole since there are 18 holes and your wagglecap is 18) and subtract 1 from it for comparison against other players for a “skin”. The “9” player would only get to subtract a stroke from his score on the holes which indicate the handicap of 1-9 (or the nine hardest holes). On holes with a handicap of 10-18, he should theoretically par them and with your theoretical bogey minus one stroke you are even! Say there is another player who is a 12 wagglecap. He would get to subtract a stroke from his score on the holes which are handicapped 1-12 for comparison to you and the “9” player. The lowest net score gets the “skin”


This can be played individual or teams. The format can be any one of your choosing (i.e. total score for each nine holes, or points per hole, etc.) It usually covers each separate 9 hole round and the total 18 holes and goes something like this: The 1st nine hole “nassau” is worth one “point”. This game is concluded at the completion of 9 holes. However, the scoring carries over onto the 2nd nine holes in order to complete the 18 hole game. In addition on #10 a separate “nassau” game is started for the back nine holes. At the end of 18 holes, you have the overall 18 hole game and the back nine game to determine who gets the “points”. In this example there are 3 “points”, one for the front 9, one for the back nine, and one for the 18 hole game.

When playing you may hear someone “press” the other team. Now what does this mean? (you think as you remember you need to pick up the dry cleaning on the way home) A press usually occurs when one team (or player) has already lost one of the “nassau” games and wants to start a new one mid round to get even.

Lets see if we can explain. Lets say team A is playing a game with team B (this is a 2 point per hole game) and after the 6th hole team A is behind by 7 points. Because there are only 6 points left for the front nine, (2 points each for #7, 8 and 9) team A has lost that game as there is no way they can make up the 7 points. However, team A feels that it can win the next three holes and announces (prior to #7 tee off) that they are “pressing” team B. This game will begin on hole #7 and be completed at the end of hole #9. Team A has already lost the front nine game but could win the “press” game for holes #7, #8 and #9 to even things out.

Now lets say team A wins 2 points on hole #7 and 1 point on hole #8. This leaves them 3 points ahead of team B with only 1 hole (worth 2 points) remaining. Team B can not win the press and now can press team A on hole #9 starting yet another game. Team B presses prior to hole #9 tee off. Lets say team A wins 1 point on hole #9 and wins that press too!

To summarize the damage – At the end of nine holes Team A lost the original “nassau” game (by 3 points). Team A has won 1st press (by 4 points). Team A also won the 2nd press (by 1 point). Therefore team A is now ahead of team B in overall points 2 to 1. However the 18 hole nassau game is still alive and team A is behind by 3 points as play continues on #10. In addition, the second nine hole “nassau” game now begins. Both of these games will continue until hole #18, however there can be many, many presses before it’s all over with many many points to be won! Confused?


A point is assigned for any player who makes a putt from outside the distance of the flagstick. In addition, this player can do a “Chi-Chi” when this putt goes in!


These are very bad and no body wants the snake. The team often uses this game to make the carrier of the snake purchase a beverage (a soft drink, of course) at the 9th hole break or after the round. The snake is given to the member of the foursome who 3 putts. He (or she) keeps the snake until someone else 3 putts at which time that person is given the snake. After 9 holes (or 18) the snake carrier is assessed some form of penalty (i.e. buying members a soft drink, or some other beverage!) This can also be used to assign minus points for every 3 putt in combination with other games.


A point is assigned for the player closest to the pin ON THE GREEN (the fringe doesn’t count!) on par 3’s. (Note: If you play as well as the staff and/or Tiger Woods – this game can be played on some par 4’s!!)


A point is awarded to a player who hits a tree and completes a par on that hole. Usually these are pretty difficult to do, so you may consider, say, perhaps 2 points or maybe even 3. (NOTE: Usually the team doesn’t play this game because we NEVER hit trees)

Team Games for Foursomes

Las Vegas

Flip a tee to prior to the first drive to pick 2 man team for that hole. Play High score against high score and low score against low score for that hole. You can play high score beats high score and that is a point for that person (same for low score for that hole), or you can take the team score and give the winning team a point for that hole. Or you can take the two man total score for that team and low score wins a point for each man. On next hole the low individual score and the high individual score are teammates and the scoring process and next hole team selection continues. This is a good game for everyone to be teammates at one time or another with each player.

Two Man Hi-lo

This is one of Staff’s favorite formats. Teams are selected prior to play and remain teams throughout the round. On each hole team A’s low score is matched up against team B’s low score and team A’s high score is matched against team B’s high score. Using this method there are 2 points per hole and a tie is not counted. (or if you like it could carry over to the next hole) An example say team A has scores of 4 and 5 on a hole and team B scores 5 and 6 on the same hole. Team A’s 4 beats team B’s 5 for low score and team A’s 5 beats team B’s 6 for high score. Net result on that hole is that team A gets 2 points. Get it?

A different version of this game is to take low ball and low total score for the teams per hole – still 2 points per hole. (this way usually all players remain in contention for the hole) Example – team A has scores of 4 and 5 and team B scores 3 and 7. Team B wins low ball as the 3 beats the 4, however team A wins low total score as team A’s combined score of 9 (4+5) beats team B’s score of 10 (3+7). Net result of this hole would be 1 point for Team A and 1 point for team B or “no blood”.

Closest to the Pin (Par 3’s)

A point is awarded for the player in the group who hits his tee shot onto the green and closest to the pin. An additional twist we like is that the closest to the pin player MUST make at least a par to get the point. In the event he does not make a par, he must give a point to the other group members!

Longest Drive

A point is awarded to the player who hits the longest drive IN the fairway. This is a manly game and has little to do with how good a golfer one is however, you drive for show and putt for dough so go ahead and hit it long!

Closest to the Pin in 2.

This can be played on some par 4’s and is basically the same as a par 3 closest to the pin but you get 2 shots to get there.


[Note: there are several versions of this game but the following is the Waggle version]

We usually play Wolf in threesomes but it works well with a foursome too. The role of wolf rotates through the group on successive holes throughout the round. On the first hole the designated wolf hits his shot. If he likes the shot he may delare to go “Lone Wolf” (i.e. play solo) or declares to take a partner. After the next player hits, he can take him as a partner or he can pass and see the next player hit. He can again select that player or pass. If you pass on a player, you cannot go back and select him/her later. Before the last player hits, he can select that person that just hit or rollthe dice with the remaining player. Low score on the hole wins one dot/point for each member of the winning team or two/three dots/points for the Lone Wolf; a tie score produces a push/no points for the hole. The high total of dots/points at the end of the round wins the wager.

For a lot of golf “games” one should have some type of handicap, we suggest you sign up for your WAGGLECAP and keep it on-line. It’s easy and fun!

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