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Book Review: The Married Man’s Guide to Golf

by Bogeyman on October 6, 2012

A new ebook by Kevin Sylvester is based on his transition from golfing bachelor to married golfer, and offers insight into how other golfers can benefit from his lived experience. The Married Man’s Guide to Golf gives the golfing bachelor a glimpse at what the future holds and is a reminder to married golfers that […]

Musket Ridge – quick update

by Lefty on July 26, 2012

On my way to a very important annual golf event ( North vs. South – soon to be published) we stopped again at Musket Ridge for a “warm up” round on another wonderful golf playing not-to-hot day.  All of the prior comments from my June 25 report regarding Musket Ridge are still in play – […]

Book Review: Leo’s Fairway Lies

by Bogeyman on September 25, 2011

Leo’s Fairway Lies by Leo A. Sielsch The game of golf has a unique language all of its own.  And the game is played by many unique characters.  A day on the golf course can be filled with tall tales, half truths (and half is being generous), and more dumb jokes and stories than should […]

The Little Book of Indoor Golf Games

by Bogeyman on December 22, 2010

18 Sure-fire Ways to Improve Your Game at Home or in the Office by Adrian Winter We weren’t sure what to expect when we were requested to review this book.  But when it arrived it was not what we expected.  This book is all about putting games but the title says nothing about putting? That […]

The WOW Factor by Barney Adams

by ChiliDip on September 11, 2010

Normally I’m on top of what’s hitting the book stores, but somehow this one got past me and I’m really upset with the suits in New York for not doing a better job getting the word out. It’s a tremendous story and …

by John Feinstein This book is by no means a quick read but it is very entertaining and provides an inside look at the PGA tour by touting some big names and some names that aren’t quite as familiar. Among the big names, Greg Norman, Davis Love III, John Daly, Nick Price and Nick Faldo. […]

Cinderella Story: My Life in Golf

by Lefty on August 18, 2001

by Bill Murray w/George Peper My brother-in-law and Caribbean Waggle Consultant gave me this book as a present so I thought I’d give him a credit. Bill Murray fans will truly love this book as it contains 7 chapters one for each day of the week. Just as in real life, Monday and Tuesday start […]