Book Review: Leo’s Fairway Lies

Leo’s Fairway Lies by Leo A. Sielsch

The game of golf has a unique language all of its own.  And the game is played by many unique characters.  A day on the golf course can be filled with tall tales, half truths (and half is being generous), and more dumb jokes and stories than should be legal.

Leo’s Fairway Lies brings together the language, characters, and tales for a day on the course.  The book is a humorous approach at clearing up the history of 27 golf terms such mulligan, chili dip, an Texas wedge.

Golf partners Bob, Jack, and Jim each present their own theory for how each golf term came to be, then leave it up to the reader to see if they can guess which option is correct.

This is a fun book to read and can be a great conversation starter while sitting around watching golf.

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