Cinderella Story: My Life in Golf

by Bill Murray w/George Peper

My brother-in-law and Caribbean Waggle Consultant gave me this book as a present so I thought I’d give him a credit. Bill Murray fans will truly love this book as it contains 7 chapters one for each day of the week. Just as in real life, Monday and Tuesday start the book off a little slow (in my opinion) as Bill rambles on, sometimes incoherently, about various stuff; including family, childhood, and his mother in a way that only Bill Murray can. If you remember seeing his Lounge singer act on the old Saturday Night Live shows and thought it was disorganized, but none-the-less entertaining, then you will enjoy his ramblings of Monday and Tuesday.

I thoroughly enjoyed the remainder of the “week” as Bill discussed golf (imagine that!) and his crazy antics with other celebrities, golf pros, and the crowds at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. He also spins funny (but true?) stories about his early life, although he often goes off on a tangent before completing the original thought. It is all Bill Murray though, and the frequent pictures in the book along with the witty captions often drew a LOL (laugh out loud) from me. To leave out Caddyshack, “the greatest golf movie ever made and arguably the greatest film ever made” just wouldn’t be right. Bill doesn’t fail us as he brings up some stories on it as well.

At 211 pages, double-spaced with lots-o-pictures (maybe that’s why my brother-in-law gave it to me), this book can be read in a matter of hours. If you want a dose of Bill Murray, give this one a try.

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