Book Review: The Married Man’s Guide to Golf

A new ebook by Kevin Sylvester is based on his transition from golfing bachelor to married golfer, and offers insight into how other golfers can benefit from his lived experience.

The Married Man’s Guide to Golf gives the golfing bachelor a glimpse at what the future holds and is a reminder to married golfers that you’re not alone.

The book takes you on a humorous journey from “Golf As A Single Man” all the way to “If All Else Fails” which in a desperate final act to play more golf recommends encouraging your spouse to play.

Sylvester has developed a golfing pre-nup single golfers can use prior to tying the knot to lock in their weekly golf matches and a couple of golf trips a year.

We love the idea of a golfing pre-nup and would recommend adding in other sports-related items as well. For example… the right of first refusal on social events during the playoffs for your favorite teams.

The Married Man’s Guide to Golf is available now for download on Itunes, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

About Kevin Sylvester (

Veteran broadcaster Kevin Sylvester co-created and hosts “Tee 2 Green” on WGRZ–TV (NBC) in Buffalo, N.Y., in 2006. The show, which is now in its seventh season, features golf courses in the Buffalo/Niagara region, as well as tips and the latest equipment.

Sylvester and his wife, Donna (who started playing golf in 2011), have three children. He came up with the idea of the golf pre-nup after he got married.

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