The Little Book of Indoor Golf Games

18 Sure-fire Ways to Improve Your Game at Home or in the Office by Adrian Winter

Little Book of Golf GamesWe weren’t sure what to expect when we were requested to review this book.  But when it arrived it was not what we expected.  This book is all about putting games but the title says nothing about putting?

That said… we love this book!

The Little Book of Indoor Golf Games is a collection of 18 putting games you can play at home, at work or even on the practice green at the course.  The games can be used to practice your putting, teach kids to putt, or used as betting games with friends.

Some of the games are simple… lay a dollar bill down and try to get your putt to stop on it.  And some of the games are more complex… setup tees to form boxes or patterns to hit into or around.

The book gives you easy instructions and simple diagrams for setting up and playing the games.  And the author includes tips for making the games progressively harder.

The putting games can be played by 1 or more players and are suitable for all ages.

Some of the games focus on putting distance and others focus more on direction.

Like anything… the key to improving is practice.  And The Little Book of Indoor Golf Games makes it fun to practice!

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