Bubba’s Hover – A Hovercraft Golf Cart

Bubbas Golf CartOnly time will tell if Bubba Watson is remembered more for his golf skills or his hovercraft golf cart.

Bubba Watson and his sponsor Oakley have teamed up with Neoteric Hovercraft to build the first major redesign of a golf cart in years.

The hovercraft golf cart rides on a bubble of air. It goes up to 50 mph and has the ability to glide across fairways and water hazards. You can even take it across the green as the hovercraft has a “footprint pressure” that is 33 times less than that of a human foot.

Neoteric plans on building 140 of these “golf carts” in 2013. Orders have been streaming in even with the $50,000 price tag.

Are you ready to order yet?

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