Compass Pointe – 08/23/2009

A steamy hot humid summer Sunday was the setting for another Waggle mini-tournament best ball competition at Compass Pointe Golf Course in Pasadena Maryland.

I had always heard that the North-East courses were the preferred play and we were slated to play there, however when I asked Josh (the Pro) about what condition the course was in, he said, depends on which course.  Then he looked up and noted that we were indeed slated to play the North-East course that had been recently aerated and to check w/ the starter about getting on South-West instead.  What a nice bit of info that was and the starter (John) was very accommodating and managed to get us on the South-West course right on time.

I was glad to have the opportunity to play the South-West track having never played it prior and am pleased to report that it is an excellent layout and many shots will require a long iron or fairway wood off the tee.  Other holes will tempt you with a winner take all drive of 270-ish to get to the green.

Number 1 on West in particular was one such hole – drive it over the water (about a 210 carry) to the green which is only about 250 away.  Also #6 West was another fairly short par 4 but this time, no water so grip it and rip it!  A couple of the par 5’s will make you navigate from the tee to green – #3 West is a three shot hole forcing players to lay up at about 230 yards from the tee and then having about 320 left up hill to the green.  On several other holes make sure you check the yardage and layup distances.  In general the par 3’s were pretty short and you could certainly make a nice par (or birdie) on most of them requiring only a short iron tee ball.

The course itself was wet (no doubt from the 2+ inches of rain yesterday) and was in need of some sand trap maintenance (again… no doubt from the 2+ inches of rain yesterday) but in general was in pretty good shape and playable.  The greens were fast enough but rolled pretty true and held shots well (again, note the rain comment yesterday).

Oh yeah, the mini tourney.  My partner managed to drag me around for a 1st place finish as we ham & egged it to a best ball score of 80.  We then managed to have a really nice cold draught beer after the round to celebrate the big win!

I gotta tell you I was very impressed with the friendly helpful staff and the golf course itself was definitely one that I want to play again.  Try it for yourself and see what I mean.

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