Mountain Branch – 09/03/2009

An absolutely beautiful 76 degree late summer day was perfect for a sneak out round of afternoon golf and we trekked up north to Joppa Maryland to play Mountain Branch Golf club.  I had only played this course once prior at a tournament – and you all know how much you remember about a course from a tournament but for some reason, I did happen to remember most of the golf holes.

This course is described as having engaging architecture features including split fairways, rolling greens, rock and water features…I can attest to some of the beautiful and breathtaking views and can certainly vow for “all the elements coming together for an unforgettable day of golf…but there’s more as the after-golf 19th hole was also something to behold.

What is Lefty talking about you say?  Well the course and golf first.  Having not played much this year as a result of outside circumstances, I was not expecting much out of the norm and after a normal 42 on the front nine was totally unprepared for what was to take place next.  A routine tap-in par on #10 was followed by a par three that stuck 12” from the pin for a tap in birdie and THAT was followed up by a 2 putt birdie on the par 5 12th.  Thinking something would go wrong (you all know that feeling) but concentrating on making good swings, easy pars occurred on 13, 14, and 15 with 2 of those holes having legitimate birdie attempts just miss.  Finally, after pulling an approach on 16 (which still left me a 20’ downhill birdie putt) the dreaded 3 putt derailed me but only somewhat.  Pars on 17 and 18 left me with a very satisfying back nine 35, on a pretty difficult course (137 slope).  You’ve all been there ”in the zone” and it actually lasted for 9 holes this time instead of only 3 or 4.

Well that was the golf, what else was there you ask?  Little did I know but on Thursdays, Mountain Branch has a deck party with band.  They have a beautiful deck and set up tables in the adjacent yard.  The staff is too friendly, the band was excellent, and the scenery (including the golf course) was nothing short of spectacular.  Trust me gentlemen, this is one deck party that you should attend!  I will definitely be back to Mountain Branch for the 18 holes of fun golf (by the way, the course was in outstanding condition) and the 19th hole of …well, you know!  Tell them sent you!

Lefty come back strong for a 77 today.

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