After The Big Rain… Musket Ridge Report – 10/1/2010

We were initially worried that the torrential rains from Wednesday and Thursday would put a damper (get it) on our scheduled Friday round but not at the Musket!

We arrived for a late morning start to a 65 degree sunny but windy (gusts to 30mph) day and wondered just how wet the course would be after 5+ inches of precip yesterday.  I’m very happy to report that (1) yes, the course was soggy in many areas but (2) it was very playable and if not for the very windy conditions, it would have been a super day for golf (actually just about ANY day is a super day for golf :-).

We teed off at 10am and were immediately treated to a “wind in your face” hole.  Let me ask you, when it’s windy out doesn’t it seem like just about every hole is into the wind?  Why is that?  Anyway, we played the white tees (at 5900) because of both the wet and windy conditions and it made the course more much more enjoyable.  While most of the sand traps were washed out from the rain, the workers were on the course repairing them and the remainder of the course was in excellent shape.

Musket has several scoring holes, particularly #10 and #11 on the back.  Both are short holes that make birdies a real possibility.  A short finishing hole will also perhaps add (subtract) to your score.

Musket Ridge is a one of my favorite Frederick Area courses and the eat-and-drink-all-you-want special is a pretty good deal too.  Lefty/82

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