The Woodlands Golf Course – 4/28/2010

A bonus mid-week round at Woodlands was the play on this windy April day.

Unfortunately, the wind took my game away but it didn’t take away the fine challenge of the Woodlands. We played the white tees at a little over 6100 yards. Originally it didn’t seem that long…but did I mention the wind?

I have played this course many times and always seem to plod along pretty well until #9 which is appropriately the #1 handicap hole playing at 420+ uphill into the wind it was a 3 shot hole on this date. As usual the short but tricky (to me) #10 par three and difficult par 4 #11 beat me up but I will get them one of these days. I know you know what I’m talking about…everybody has those holes that “get in your head” and you just can’t seem to play well on them.

The course always seems to be in pretty good shape as these Baltimore County courses usually are – Woodlands is certainly a challenge and a fun course to play.

The 19th hole is accepting of thirsty golfers and is a nice place to add up your score.

Lefty fought the wind for a 91.

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