Timbers at Troy – 6/22/2010

In the middle of a hot spell, I couldn’t think of a better place to play golf during the middle of the week than Timbers at Troy in nearby Elkridge.

I had not played here in quite some time and was anxious to get back to see how it was playing. I’m pleased to say that the conditions of this course were very good to excellent. The fairways, although still obviously getting a lot of play, seemed be in much better shape and most of the un-repaired divot marks in the fairways, that I noticed in the past seemed to be gone – and that was certainly good to see! The greens were also in pretty good shape and Timbers is obviously taking good care of the course as it shows.

Many holes do not require a driver so make sure your rescue and long irons are ready for some tee ball action.

This is a track that I have scored pretty well at and on this day was sailing along until my usual nemesis holes #9 and #12 added 5-over-par to my score! Alas, it’s only 2 bad swings that cost a lot of damage! But I hit enough good shots too – and that’s why we enjoy the game and keep coming back!

Look for some blind tee shots on the back nine as many of the marsh land grasses have grown up. Get a yardage book or take a close look at the hole before teeing off on a couple of the holes (#16 comes to mind).

After this hot day of golf, a couple of cold beverages sure tasted good in the nicely furnished 19th hole! Give Timbers a play – it’s in great shape!

Lefty (89)

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