The Woodlands Golf Course – 6/25/2010

An early summer round took me back to The Woodlands in Baltimore County.

I was looking forward to playing on a great weather day for golf after my last wind blown adventure here. Unfortunately, this time, I couldn’t blame it on the wind as for some reason, I was chunking nearly all of my approach shots which left me with a lot of “pitch and putts” to save par. I hope you haven’t had too many of those days but for some reason, just about every iron from the fairway was hit fat.

The fairways were beautiful and the greens were quick enough to be challenging but also held approach shots nicely.

Usually holes number 9, 10 and 11 get the best of me but 2 pars and a bogey put me through my “murderers row” at only 1 over, but as is the norm when you don’t play enough, when you conquer your tough holes the other ones you normally par will bite you in the shorts.

A couple of snowmen messed up what could have been a decent round but on a beautiful day like today on a fantastic course, who is to complain? I managed to have an eagle putt on the very difficult (on most days) #17 after hitting a near perfect drive and a 7 iron to a tough front pin location and for a change, I hit a decent putt – not perfect enough for the eagle but good enough for a tap-in birdie – don’t you love those kind? Anyway, it wasn’t quite enough to completely right the ship but it did help and the 19th hole certainly was a nice finish!

Lefty (87)

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