Blue Dash Speed Golf Tournament

Maybe you are not the best golfer but you are in really good shape? How fast you can finish is half your score. Maybe you are a great golfer but not sure how fast you can run 18 holes? Score counts for half your score.

Golf Tournament Blue MashTo find out these answers and more you’ll need to compete in The Blue Dash Speed Golf Tournament at Blue Mash Golf Club on Thursday July 3rd, 2014.

Participants will play as singles, on foot, carrying their own clubs.

Format: Individual Gross Score + Time to complete 18 holes = Total Score

Tee Times: Assigned by pro shop starting at 6:30am, 4 minute intervals.

Entry Fee: $50

Categories: Ladies, Men 40 and under, Men over 40

Rules: USGA rules apply except for the following:

1. May putt with flagstick in
2. If the ball goes into a hazard, woods, or unmowed area, the participant may drop within 10 yards of the entry point, no closer to hole, and take a one stroke penalty.
3. If you are “caught” you must allow the player behind you to play through without interference. Interference will result in a two stroke penalty and possible disqualification.

Blue Mash Golf Lessons

Contact Blue Mash at 301-670-1966 for all you need to know.

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