2011 Biggest Handicap Loser Contest at Potomac Ridge

Nike Golf Learning CenterTerry Shaffer from the Nike Golf Learning Center (NGLC) at Potomac Ridge has put together an interesting program for improving your game in 2011.  The Biggest Handicap Loser Challenge is a 10 month program (January-October 31st, 2011) designed to get your golf game into shape.

You won’t be on TV nor does Terry resemble Jillian Michaels but you still might want to check it out.  The Biggest Handicap Loser Challenge will be a fun and competitive way to stay motivated toward reaching your goals.

The contest entails establishing a handicap then working with Terry and the NGLC staff throughout the year to fix what ails your game. The object of the contest is to reduce your handicap the most over the course of the year through practice, instruction and play. There will be a low handicap division, mid handicap division, and a high handicap division. This will ensure that the comparisons are fair and that each participant will have a chance to improve and win.

The process begins with an assessment of each student’s game in every area from putting through to the driver, short game and long game and what areas need improvement.

Game improvement tools will include the use of video analysis, range instruction, playing lessons, and cover all facets of the game from pre-shot routines, course management, and adaptation from the practice areas to the course. Also, they will cover physical fitness and the mental approach to better golf.

Data logs will be used to track a student’s performance in different areas. All of this will be placed in a workbook to assist the student in keeping track of the improvements as they occur and finding out what best works for that individual.

If you’re ready to challenge yourself next season contact Terry Shaffer at 800-791-9078 or tshaffer@mdgolf.com.

Potomac Ridge – Waldorf, MD – www.mdgolf.com

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