The 2011 TGAA Golf Tour

OK… You’ve got your new clubs for Christmas… Are you ready for a challenge?

Do you like playing competitive golf?  Do you like the pressure of playing for money?  Then the TGAA may be right for you.

TGAA TourThe Tournament Golf Association of America puts on professionally run events throughout the Mid-Atlantic for its members.  TGAA members are generally single-digit and mid-level handicap golfers but high handicappers are welcome (and win) too.  Cash prizes are paid to the weekly top finishers.  Handicaps are used and they have several procedures in place to avoid sandbagging.  During the season the TGAA offers regular events and majors just like the pros.

And don’t be afraid to join because you are concerned about being able to compete.  All levels of golfers cash each week.  Here are some interesting stats from the 2010 season.

– The average winning net score for all one day events was 68.  Average last place money was 73.

– The average winning TGAA Handicap Value was 14.

– Singe digit handicaps (0-9) account for 32% of the total membership.  They won 6 events (20%) and won 29% of the overall purse

– Mid Handicaps (10-19) account for 57% of the total membership.  They won 16 events (62%) and won 55% of the overall purse

– High Handicaps (20+) account for 11% of the total membership.  They won 4 events (18%) and won 16% of the overall purse

– On average, the scorecard course yardage setup was 6554 yards for Par 72 courses and 6470 yards for Par 71 courses

– Only 11% of the total rounds played were under par net (123 of 1096).

– Almost half (49%) of all rounds were within 5 strokes of net even par.

The 2011 TGAA season kicks off in Myrtle Beach with their Kickoff Classic that runs February 19-20, 2011.  You can start right at the beginning of the season or jump in once you are ready.

Check out the TGAA Tour website for all the details.

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