So Barkley Wants a Piece of Me…?

…bring him on. Check out this recent Golfweek article.  The Mound of Round wants a piece of Lefty? Well bring him on!

My off season exploits (no need to discuss the “exploits”) have brought me into the best shape of my life… and I can still golf a bit too! 🙂 Obviously, Barkley, who was a pretty decent hoopster in his time, doesn’t know who he’s dealing with here!

Charles Barkley

Lefty from WaggleWhen you read the entire article, you’ll notice he tries to cover and back off the challenge by saying he’s thinking about playing “left-handed” in the tournament but come on now, the title of the article says it all!  “Barkley wants to play Lefty”! While I’m no English major (and those of you that have talked to me may think English is my 2nd language!), I do know when I’m being called out and Barkley is certainly calling me out!

So here I am Chuck!  …come and get the Left Hander. If he does happen to man up and play me, I’ll be wearing one of the new Waggle light weight golf shirts (which will allows me to take 3 strokes off of my score) to both look good for the camera and keep cool in the heat. Check’em out for yourself in the Waggle Pro Shop.

Come on Barkster – the Left Hander is waiting!

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