Course Report: Blue Mash Golf Course

Bogeyman and I took our favorite pigeon for a weekday round at this fine Montgomery County facility off of Rte 108.  I have always looked forward to playing Blue Mash, especially the challenging opening holes.  Depending on your perspective the 1st 5 can be pretty tough but in general, I’m talking about the 1st 3 fairly long par 4’s to open your round.  Once you play it you’ll see what I mean but unless you stroke a decent drive on all of them, expect to be hitting on the green in 3.

Lefty and Larry at Blue Mash
Lefty and Larry (aka pigeon)

The remainder of the golf course features a variety of holes – some very challenging and some scoring holes (meaning not-so-challenging <NSC>).  But as everybody knows, those NSC holes are normally the ones you’ll give away a stroke or two and be disgusted about it later.

I always look forward to the challenging 0ver the water par 3s on the back nine.  On this day, Bogeyman and I managed to fleece the pigeon by purposely (well at least that’s what we’re claiming now) hitting our tee shot into the water and then teaming up to beat the pigeon after he doubled the bet.  Hence the term, “fleecing”!

Oh yeah, how was the course?  Well I’m happy to report that the heavy rains from the prior night did nothing to harm the course.  We had cart path only but the course was in outstanding shape.   Fairways were nearly perfect and the rough was, well rough – as it should be!  Don’t hit it there!  I know, easier said than done but even though it was kind of high, you could actually play balls out of it.  The greens were quick but fair and the tee boxes were also in very good shape.  No problems or concerns about this course – kudos to the Superintendent!

On this day, the pigeon agreed to pick up lunch and beverage after the round (see “fleecing” above) in Blue Mash’s large and comfortable bar/restaurant area.  We solved many of the world’s problems after the round (you all know that drill) and resolved to come back to Blue Mash again very soon!  You should too as it’s in great shape!

Blue Mash Golf Course | Laytonsville, MD |

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