Cannon Ridge Solstice Report – 06/23/2009

Lefty and Bogeyman had never played Cannon Ridge in Fredericksburg so when we had the opportunity to play in the GolfStyles Solstice 2009, we decided to give it a try…and boy are we glad we did.

This course is now on our “must play” list as it is a gem of a track that it is hidden away from I-95 somewhat.  The course is back about 3 miles through a Del Webb “Celebrate” designed community and the drive to the course reminded me of another Del Webb Vegas track (Dragon Ridge) in that you took a new and well landscaped winding roadway off the beaten path to get to the course.

Once we got there, we were again really impressed with the large clubhouse and pristine conditions – but that was only the beginning.  Of course you go to a golf course to play the course and we had the pleasure of playing it 3 times in one day.  This is a beaut with many difficult holes and some not so tough but all of them fun.  There is generally enough room to miss with not too much error however on some holes you will need to use your head to hit the correct club.

A couple of the par 5’s come to mind where you can go for it on your second shot and be “in jail” in the thick grass and/or bunkers in the middle of the fairway (if you don’t hit the proper shot) or you can play smart – which will require you to have a mid iron approach to an uphill green and depending on the pin placement may/may not be as easy as it looks!

We played 2 rounds from the 6000 distance and the other from 6500 and although the slope rating is fairly high (140 and 136 respectively) we didn’t think it was as difficult as the indicated slope…or maybe we’re just good!  NOT!  Anyway, I can assure you we’ll be back to Cannon Ridge and you should give it a try too!

Lefty fired an 85, a 91, and an 83.

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