Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Report – 06/19/2009

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Farmington, PA – 6/19/2009
I checked back at my last review and was surprised to see that it had been 7 years since I had the pleasure of playing Nemacolin’s, gem of a course, Mystic Rock! I can’t rave enough about the course so I’ll rave about Nemacolin itself. Decadent is the only word I can use to describe how well you are treated at this plush resort. I did not remember from last time the super large and extravagant clubhouse, bar and grill, or men’s locker room with TVs everywhere. (I didn’t get a chance to see the women’s locker room but I’m assuming it’s really nice as well – perhaps one of the ladies out there can comment for me?) I did notice that there were some additional things to do at this Joe Hardy (he started 84 Lumber) family style resort. There is an off-road four-wheel drive practice area complete with hummers, a kid’s playground/arcade, a large water park area where you can go paddle boating, trails and hiking paths as well as a bunch of other things to do – again, with the entire place treating you like a King! Now back to the course – we played the white tees which was plenty of challenge for us hackers (137 slope). Seth (our trusty forecaddie) steered us in the right direction on several holes (#11 comes to mind) on where to hit our tee shots to avoid that dreaded “I hit it down the middle and now I’m dropping and hitting three!”. Last time we did not have a forecaddie and if you have never used one, it’s worth it on this course – at least for the 1st time you play it. As you can imagine, the entire course and all facilities were at an above pristine level. The fairways were like carpet and the greens super tricky and fast but fair. Bunkers, tees and even the rough were all “just like you see on TV when the pros play”. In Pete Dye’s own words, this may be my best design ever – time will tell. In my 7 year absence I can say time has done wonderful things for this top notch course as it’s only gotten better! As with all courses this nice and in such a spectacular place, there is a lofty price. In my last review I indicated that “the only detriment to this golf course is that it is pricey” and advised you to look for specials. Well, I’m pleased to let you know that the Waggle Golf Pass now has a great special which will save you the entire cost of the pass if you use it at Mystic Rock! There’s another great special at the other course on the Nemacolin property so get your Waggle Golf Pass today and make the trip to Nemacolin and play both courses! And, be sure to let us know how what you think of Nemacolin!    Lefty

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