Donald Dreby Aces #11 at Blue Heron Pines

On 12/23/2010 I was playing on my home course, Blue Heron Pines Golf Club in Cologne N.J.  The temperature was 39 degrees and the wind was gusting 25 to 35 mph.  I was playing with one other crazy person since it was so cold. There were only 6 people that played the course that day.

We got to the 11th hole which is a 110 yard par 3. The wind was directly in our face so I decided to hit a 7 iron.

The greens were pretty hard from frost. My Nike ball hit the green short of the pin and pop up in the air we thought it went off of the back. When we got to the green we did not see the ball so we went to the back and could not find the ball.

My witness Alan Schmidt looked in the hole and there it was. I couldn’t believe it went in the hole. What a thrill to get a hole in one under these conditions.

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