GlenRiddle Golf Club – 6/18/2010

An Ocean City research trip took me to Glen Riddle’s Man O War track that I’ve enjoyed many times prior. As is the norm, my opinion of this course is that it is a superb course and I really enjoy playing it!

I got off to a pretty good start on this beautiful, albeit hot, day with 2 birds on the 1st 6 holes but some near misses on putts that could have been made and a few errant shots cost me a really nice round.

A couple of nice par 5’s on the back will challenge you with the 1st one being a 3 shot hole with a split fairway. Lefty’s tip: Hit to the left fairway on your 2nd shot for the best approach.

The second par 5 may offer you a risk/reward-go-for-it over the marsh decision if you hit a big drive. Lefty’s tip #2: Lay up unless you are within a deuce.

The remainder of the back nine is very “playable” and offers some good chances for birdies. I always seem to score pretty well here even when I do leave several shots on the course as I did today.

I’ve said it before and will say it again, when in OC, you should definitely give this Man O War a call!

Lefty (81)

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