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Course: Bulle Rock
Address: 320 Blenheim Lane PO Box 506
  Havre de Grace, MD 21078
County: Harford
Phone: 410-939-8887
Toll Free: 888-285-5375
Website: www.bullerockgolf.com
Rates 2012 Season
Everyday130Greens fee, cart, and range balls
Rates Subject to Change! Always check with the course for current fees.
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4/27/2010Our good friends at Bulle Rock invited us out for a review and knowing what a fantastic course it is, how could we refuse? Playing this course any time is a challenge but on this gusty windy spring day, it was a super challenge – but with that being said, playing Bulle Rock just about any time IS a treat and we gladly accepted the chance to review the course. You’ll notice from the moment you arrive, that you are treated as a true guest with the staffers happily welcoming you to Bulle Rock. You’ll probably be very excited and can’t help but notice the fine clubhouse and locker rooms prior to your round. Arrive early and get some range time – this track has first rate facilities to warm up prior to your round. On this day, we started on the back nine and because of the wind and decided to play the blue tees measuring 6360 yards. With a slope of 138, we knew it would be tough - but hey, it’s Bulle Rock! I always seem to remember a few holes and from Bulle Rock, I remembered #12 which is a mid-length par 3 with water all along the right side to catch any misses there and a large trap to the left. On this day, we had a strong left to right wind (i.e. blowing everything to the water) which we only laughed at…of course I smoothed a very fine iron to the center of the green while my playing partners didn’t... so, I had the laugh here…unfortunately, this was one of the few good holes for me…which is why it’s included in this write up! Of course #12 follows the long par 5 #11 – which played nearly 600 yards today but with the wind, it wasn’t so bad. A couple of others that I recall, #1 will greet you with one of the shorter par 4’s on the course, followed by the a very scenic par 5 – you know the type, beautiful view as your ball flies straight down the center – pretty views everywhere…right? Anyway, we managed to get around this absolutely wonderful track and headed to one of my favorite places – hole #19. Bulle Rock reconfigured their bar/restaurant several years ago from a rather large open bar type place into separate bar and restaurant areas. The “new” bar is quite nice and features some fine views of the golf course and the brew was mighty tasty…but then again, isn’t it always after a nice round of golf? Bulle Rock is always in pristine condition and they really make you feel good out there. Bulle Rock is in the Waggle Golf Pass – why not pick one up and give them a play! Take it from me; you’ll be glad you did! Lefty
10/29/2004Once a year, I try to get out to review Bulle Rock for the good of you Waggle-ites out there. It’s a difficult assignment, but one that I look forward to every year! This year was no exception as a late fall round again demonstrated the beauty of this outstanding track. We backed it up and played from the Blue tees (measuring 6843) and what I had first thought was a difficult course from the whites, became even more of a challenge from the Blues. Alas, that’s what we live for isn’t it? I will tell you that if you’re going to play the blues (or God forbid the tips at 7300+) plan on getting to several par 4’s in three shots unless you’re able to hit the driver over 250 consistently. On this overcast but calm day, Bulle Rock was again in pristine condition. The rough was a little high – making finding the few(?) errant shots we hit a little difficult, however we shouldn’t have hit them there. The fairways, greens, tee boxes and sand were all ‘tour like’ condition. The greens putted fast and true and several offered much more break than I anticipated. (I should have taken a caddie!) The Bulle Rock staffers always make you feel like it’s your club and are always friendly and helpful. You can’t go wrong at this Pete Dye course and when you’re ready for a real challenge, play Bulle Rock! Lefty
6/24/2003“Treat your friends, family, business associates or just yourself to an incredible golf experience. Go play Bulle Rock!”
The Waggle.com team was forced to review Bulle Rock on a beautiful early summer day. Yea, we can hear you right now saying, “Gee, those guys are really out there putting it on the line for us, working their tails off!” Well, you’re right and we’re just the guys to tell you about this beautiful golf course. We absolutely had one of the best days on the golf course that one can have without shooting your career round. Designer, Pete Dye says on the scorecard that “I did not undo God’s work” and he’s right! In fact, we think he made it better! This course was in immaculate condition from tees to greens to traps (yea, we hit a few). And, the staff was beyond friendly and helpful - from the moment you dropped off your bag they gave you the feeling that they were glad to see you. The way it should be! We had the pleasure of playing with caddies, which was an added bonus. Our caddies, Brett and Evan, knew the course inside and out and gave great insight into reading the greens. Brett carried 2 heavy Waggle bags which we forget to lighten up a bit for the occasion. He never complained…well perhaps he did mention it a time or two. (Tip: when getting a caddie take some stuff out of your bag). In any event, there is not a thing we can comment on negatively about Bulle Rock (except maybe the location from Northern Viriginia). If you’re looking for a real treat of a course and are willing to pay a little extra, go play Bulle Rock! Bogeyman/Lefty
8/26/2000My trusty neighbor talked me into going out to Bulle Rock and playing. Hey, he’s a great neighbor. I had heard nothing but great things about Bulle Rock and was not disappointed, as it is a GEM of a course. This super-challenging Pete Dye-designed course will test your golf skills (blue tees course rating of 74.0 and slope of 139). Nearly every hole presents a scenic view of this beautiful track. You’ll have to use discretion in club selection on many holes to keep it in the short stuff. The fairways and greens were pristine and you had better bring your soft-touch putter, as these greens are tricky and fast. Mr. Dye has built a great course and the staff and marshals were extremely polite and helpful. The only downside of this beautiful course is the rather high price but for diehard golfers that want to test their skills against a tough course, give it a shot. Good Luck! Lefty
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