Goose Creek Golf Club

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Course: Goose Creek Golf Club
Address: 43001 Golf Club Road
  Leesburg, VA 20175
County: Loudoun
Phone: 703-729-2500
Rates 2012 Season
Mon - TH 7 until 11am43Greens fee with cart
Mon - TH 11am - 3pm38Greens fee with cart
Mon - TH Twilight30Greens fee with cart
Fri/Sat/Sun/Hol until 11am52Greens fee with cart
Fri/Sat/Sun/Hol 11am - 3pm45Greens fee with cart
Fri/Sat/Sun/Hol Twilight38Greens fee with cart
Rates Subject to Change! Always check with the course for current fees.
5/24/2009On a beautiful Memorial Day weekend, the Goose hosted a holiday scramble for seventy some golfers who stayed in town for the long weekend. While the turnout might seem large given the smaller fields in this year’s outings, Goose has enjoyed a busy year so far. Dramatic improvements in the course, coupled with good service and a new look to carts and clubhouse have seen record numbers of golfers enjoying this classic local track. Despite the heavy play don’t fear a slow pace of play, as they even marshal their own outings to ensure a comfortable pace. The course lost one hole for road construction so a new hole was built, and another hole revamped. The new par three is a much better hole, the remodeled one a welcome relief from previous back-to-back par fives. The real course improvements are more subtle, like the adding of 40 yards to the seventeenth hole. Now this over 400 yard par four demands a long accurate uphill tee shot to set up an approach to a sloping green. Look for these changes as you play the Goose this year. But, above all, play it this season. Ayce
5/19/2008Ah... the Goose. What can one really say when playing the Goose? We play it because it is there. We play it because it is cheap - and most of all, we play when we can't get a teetime anywhere else. It will never be your "favorite course" or get mentioned in a heated conversation about your "Top 10", but it's the weekend sweater of public golf the scotch after a busy day. We play it because it's comfortable. It's familiar and most of all, it boosts our ego. Today at the Goose was not much different. We arrived to find out (after we paid) that three and a 1/2 ("a half?") holes were closed. One for flooding, two for renovations and 1/2 for...well, it's the Goose. The clubhouse renovations received high marks, as did the restrooms - now with showers and lockers - and the sandwiches (although a bit pricey if you lose the front nine to Bogeyman). Service was friendly, the greens were very good (but a tad spongy), the fairways perfect, the company...well let's just say I didn't enjoy the glare off his neon-yellow Pinnacles. All told, if you can get on with a discount ($20 with your US Golf Pass), it's worth the 14 1/2 holes of ego-boosting golf. [Note: #11 is closed for cleanup after the recent flooding of Goose Creek and the others are closed for renovations and scheduled to be back by early August] Mikey G.
5/8/2006First visit to this favorite course on my most improved list was appropriately enough an outing. Goose handles them well at a value price so that biz is picking up. Conditions have again improved over last year’s great strides. Some management shifts from last year are showing good results in all areas. Food and service are outstanding. Love doing scrambles there as the smallish greens are brought to their knees by four wedge shots! Ayce
9/9/2005The Hospitality Sales and Marketing Institute held its annual golf outing at Goose Creek on Sep. 9, and a lucky Waggle staffer was asked to play. As the golfers were assembling one was overheard inquiring about the condition of the Goose. Another golfer responded “they have grass here, this will be fun.” While many courses are struggling with the pithium blight which damaged most fairways, Goose Creek was in well above average condition as duly noted by one local golfing participant. Waggle staff confirmed that yes indeed there was plenty of grass and hospitality available on that occasion. Ayce
4/3/2005On a day not fit for man or beast, let alone golf Goose Creek kicked off the 05 season with an opening scramble. My buddies had a blast in spite of the cold wind and fairways soaked from several inches of rain. It was the company, but it was also the Goose. After the round the management team rolled out the red carpet with a cookout and lots of hospitality. Goose Creek remains a great choice for a reasonably priced outing, and you can’t beat their effort to please. Some changes in the course improved things from last year when quantum changes were made. Much of the growth around the creeks had been neatly removed and the clubhouse painted. If you have not been to the Goose recently, be sure to start your season with a visit. You will enjoy it. Ayce
5/5/2004Last fall I had a feeling that ‘the Goose’ would continue to flourish under the new management and they have proven me correct. Much more than a fresh coat of paint (although that is there, too) greets the increasing number of golfers who have heard about the dramatic turnaround at Goose Creek. Boss Chris Schwartz and his team have the welcome mat out to show off all the improvements which include a new scoreboard, good eats thanks to Andy the F&B guy, solving the drainage issues on the beginning of the back nine, and a just arriving fleet of new carts. Excellent fairway grass is made more precious by the creation of some ‘real’ rough at Goose Creek. Now instead of scrub, golfers missing the fairways can experience the nurtured rough of a good course. Still, the price is bargain compared to neighboring layouts, so try it out. Ayce
11/15/2003Somewhere in the fifty plus year history of this area mainstay was the ad slogan “Golf the Goose.” A lot of folks, myself included, stopped doing that for a variety of decent reasons, but those problems are behind for the Goose. In the forty some years that I have occasioned to whack a white one around Goose Creek, I have never seen it in better shape (imagine green fairways) than right now—and it’s November! Is the course perfect? No, but Mother Nature had a lot to do with that. Hurricane Isabel wrecked havoc on the course and the several holes along the creek and still show some battle scars. In the past 2 years, a lot of work has justifiably gone into maintenance and it really shows. New GM David Weisser (from Reston National) has already begun to put a welcome sign back out for golfers instead of a scowl. Undoubtedly more good things are in store for this venerable NOVA track making it once again truly time to “Golf the Goose!” Ayce
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