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Course: Hollow Creek Golf Club
Address: 50 Glenbrook Drive
  Middletown, MD 21769
County: Frederick
Phone: 301-371-9166
Website: www.hollowcreekgolfclub.com
Rates 2012 Season
Mon - TH5518 Holes w/cart
Fri - Sun7518 Holes w/cart
Rates Subject to Change! Always check with the course for current fees.
9/17/2007I finally made it out to Hollow Creek by way of an invitation to play in a charity golf tourney. And, I'm happy to report that I am looking forward to playing there again and soon. This is a fun course to play - not too tough - but not too easy. Accuracy off the tee gives you a nice shot at the green to go for birdie but being a little wild won't punish too badly. I particulary liked the greens. Besides rolling true they had character. During the round you'll get to try a variety of uphill, downhill, and big breaking putts (occasionally all on the same green if you're not careful). The rolling course offers some nice elevation changes which makes you rethink your club selection as you make adjustments. My only knock was all the homes on the course. My playing partner told me on the first hole, "ignore the houses and it's a beautiful course", and he was right. The staff was friendly and they put on a nice event. The Frederick, Maryland area continues to impress me with the quality of its courses and should be a destination you consider for an upcoming round. Bogeyman
5/18/2007I finally went out as a regular player to this fine track to really get a feel for it. You know how it is when you play a scramble – you play the course but really don’t get the true “feel” of it like you were playing it yourself. I gotta tell you that playing this course as a “regular” made me appreciate it more as simply always taking the best shot of a foursome and not having to think and play your own shot, in my opinion, detracts from the true experience of the course. Playing it alone really made me notice the courses trickiness and requisite shot making features. I also noticed that I was perhaps a little too harsh on my prior review as for the most part, this course is in pristine shape with only a few “ground under repair” areas roped off on the back nine. The fairways, greens and tee boxes were all immaculate. I also took another look at the houses which really are only in play on a few holes (at least today they weren’t!) so don’t let that scare you away. I noticed today that the greens were very fast but really nice to putt on. Make sure to try to play from the low side of the green when you play here to avoid those dreaded downhill putts. I really enjoyed the par 5’s on the back – both can be reached in 2 but both will require two pretty long pokes to get there and then there’s the aforementioned fast greens that need to be negotiated. My shot of the day was a stiffed 3 iron on the 200-plus yard number 6 to a back flag only to narrowly miss a 15 foot birdie putt. Let me tell you a birdie on this hole is like an eagle on others! When you play it you’ll see what I mean! On number 18, if going for it in two, take my advice and keep right! My playing partners who had also not played Hollow Creek in several years also changed their mind and have put this course on their “good to play list”. I think you will too as it is another fine upscale course in the Frederick area. Tell ‘em Lefty from Waggle.com sent you! Lefty
5/7/2007Coming back as defending champs of the Middletown Volunteer Fireman’s yearly event at Hollow Creek with a “reworked” team, we were expecting BIG things. We got them as a combination of enough mulligans and putts that dropped bettered our score from the previous year by one shot. Not that it matters to you readers, but for some reason, our lower score this year only resulted in a middle-of-the-pack finish! Perhaps we needed more mulligans? In any event, Hollow Creek in Middletown Maryland, just off of Alternate 40 slightly west of Frederick is a fairly new course which winds it’s way through the Glenbrook Neighborhood of recently built homes (some are still under construction). As with some of these type of “new home neighborhood courses” a few of the homes are in play – perhaps a reason to NOT live directly next to the golf course – and we managed to “check out” a few. You know the sound, you pull (or push) a drive way off line – hitting it on the screws but 60 yards off line and all of a sudden you hear that “whack” of a ball striking the side of a house, or worse yet “crash” from a window! As you all know, the correct thing to do is immediately point to your playing partner and start laughing hysterically. No, that didn’t happen to us, but it could on a few holes at Hollow Creek. Enough about that, this course IS nice. Unfortunately for this scramble event, we played from the white tees which for the most part were moved up so many of the par 4’s were extremely short – bordering on being drivable (maybe that’s the reason for the super low scores?). From the real white tees, the course is listed at 6394 and offers enough challenges to be interesting. The conditions at this time were mostly very good - although there were some spots where some recent seeding was evident and some additional TLC is needed to bring it to “pristine” status – but all in all, did not detract from this fine course. I really appreciated the challenging approach shots on the finishing holes for each nine. Get out to Hollow Creek and you will too! Lefty's Team
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