Holly Hills Country Club

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Course: Holly Hills Country Club
Address: 5502 Mussetter Road
  Ijamsville, MD 21754
Phone: 301-694-8322
Website: www.hollyhillsgolf.com
4/15/2007I was lucky enough to be invited to play at Holly Hills Country Club just east of Frederick on this beautiful afternoon. Take a look to your left as your approaching Frederick ib I-70 from Baltimore and you’ll see the course and yes, it’s as nice as it looks. I thought country club courses were supposed to be easy but not Holly Hills. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of “bail outs” but several holes where you are challenged to hit the shot correctly or pay the price of a watery grave. A couple that come to mind are the mid-long par 3 #7 – after the dastardly #6 “toughest hole in the world” (see prior reviews) – followed by #8 which features a downhill shot (which club to hit?) to a peninsula green which leaves very little room for error. These three holes (6,7,8) are – in my opinion – 3 of the more difficult holes around – but yet, they can be mastered and truly test your skill. Isn’t that why we play this game? Anyway, this course was in “Country Club” condition and I definitely enjoyed it! If you ever get invited to play at this private club, jump at the offer! Lefty
5/5/2006An invite to yet another Country Club took me to Holly Hills just east of Frederick. That’s the one you see as you’re schlepping up I-70 on your left at about mile marker 56. I was looking forward to playing this track as my game seemed to take on a higher level recently with good ball striking and decent enough putting and scoring. I was really psyched to take on #6, which is labeled as the ‘most difficult hole in the United States’. Play it and when you head to #7 (which is no picnic either!) you’ll see the plaque indicating you’ve just completed the most difficult hole in the United States. That dastardly #6 got me on this day as 2 drives OB cost me 4 shots…it’s a par 4 so we don’t need to talk about what the score was on that hole but suffice it to say, it was over par considerably! The difficulty on this hole is the drive. You’ve got a long par 4 (430ish) with a large tree right in the middle of the fairway about 180 yards from the tee box. You’ve got a choice to hit around it on the right and face a possible OB (note above language from yours truly) or take it to the left of the tree and face a swamp/tree hazard as well. If you can work the ball from either left to right or vice versa or are good enough to hit it perfectly straight or high and far (up and over) you can negotiate this shot. Then you’re faced with a mid to long iron to a green which is deceptively sloping from right to left and depending on where they put the pin – may beg for a three putt. My 3rd drive was crushed where it should have been but an 8 iron pulled right left me with a difficult chip for a….7! No, I didn’t make it but realizing that I coulda/shoulda/woulda been there in regulation is enough to bring me back! If you ever get a chance to play Holly Hills – get ready for #6! Oh, by the way, the rest of the course is great too! Lefty
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