Meadows Farms Golf Course

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Course: Meadows Farms Golf Course
Address: 4300 Flat Run Road
  Locust Grove, VA 22508
County: Orange
Phone: 540-854-9890
Rates 2012 Season
Monday - Thursday38.7518 Holes and cart
Friday43.7518 Holes and cart
Sat/Sun/Holiday48.7518 Holes and cart
Rates Subject to Change! Always check with the course for current fees.
Island/Longest - Blue70057212973.2
Island/Longest - White63127212269.8
Island/Longest - Gold53517212269.7
Island/Longest - Red45417210965.3
Longest/Waterfall - Blue68717212372.7
Longest/Waterfall - White63207211769.4
Longest/Waterfall - Gold55687212571.1
Longest/Waterfall - Red44247210565.1
Island/Waterfall - Blue60587012368.9
Island/Waterfall - White55607011766
Island/Waterfall - Gold48097011166.8
Island/Waterfall - Red40757010067.8
5/2/2006You have probably heard about the longest par six of over 800 yards, the baseball and goalpost holes, and the practice hole. Well those are just some of the eccentricities of a course that reflects some of the man, Bill Meadows (who prefers Farmer Bill,) who owns and built the unusual course. Farmer Billís great story is available in his biography Almost Perfect which is for sale at the course. As my eighth grade gym teacher at Glasgow Intermediate School, I remembered him as quite a character, which is till true. For one of the most memorable rounds of golf play Meadows Farms. The prices are incredibly reasonable. For a great read pick up his book as you leave and if you are lucky he may autograph it for you! Ayce
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