Patriots Glen Golf Club

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Course: Patriots Glen
Address: 300 Patriots Way
  Elkton, MD 21921
County: Cecil
Phone: 410-392-9552
Toll Free: 800-616-1776
Rates Fall 2012
Mon - Fri37Green fees and cart
Sat - Sun47Green fees and cart
Rates Subject to Change! Always check with the course for current fees.
6/24/2003Just a couple of miles and a few turns off I-95, and a slow ride through a builders maze of new houses lies a gem of a course - Patriotís Glen. Although a new neighborhood is evident as you enter the course, few lanes intrude into the beauty of the hardwoods that frame the holes and gobble your tee shots. Patriotís Glen has an adequate club house and practice area and its food and service are above average. Each hole has its own look with a nice balance of doglegs (90 and 45 degrees) to the left and right. No interlocking fire from adjacent holes to worry about here only the trees and rolling terrain to conquer. The fairways are ample but donít stray or that dreaded tree knocking sound awaits errant shots. A good mix of short, tempting holes is balanced by some muscle par fives like the 17th which offers all the challenge you could want. Greens are true and in good shape as are the fairways. Leave the short grass and some spotty, woodsy lies are found. This is the kind of course where your brother could be playing two holes ahead or behind you and you wouldnít know it until you met in the grill afterward, a rare and welcome feature in courses today. Patriotís Glen will surprise and challenge you and is worth the easy drive from Baltimore, Philadelphia, and even the Washington DC area. Ayce
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