Penderbrook Golf Club

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Course: Penderbrook Golf Club
Address: 3700 Golf Trail Lane
  Fairfax, VA 22033
County: Fairfax
Phone: 703-385-3700
Rates 2012
Rates vary... contact pro shop
Rates Subject to Change! Always check with the course for current fees.
6/21/2010Penderbrook played host to our neighborhood pool fundraising event so obviously I had to attend. And on this day I was glad I did! The course was in very nice shape. I was especially impressed with the greens. Penderbrook is an interesting mix of some very nice golf holes and some funky golf holes. Being an embracer of the risk/reward golf concept I particularly enjoy the several drivable (?) par 4s. On #2, #11, and #18 big GOOD drives can have you putting for eagle but big BAD drives will leave you scrambling for bogey. Our group had a good time and enjoyed the 2 beers with your round special they now are offering. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think. Bogeyman
5/18/2009Out for the annual skip over to Penderbrook in hopes that something had changed for the better. The price is still rock bottom (with email specials) and the food is frequently thrown in. But, both the grub and golf are classic “get what you pay for” fare. The pace of play is historically slow. The tenth hole is a 200 plus yard par three over water so you can expect a back up here. The snack bar sits behind the tenth tee so grab a dog while you wait. If a quick golf fix and a full belly are your objective then Penderbrook will do the job. Ayce
9/17/2006Because this local club gets so much play, Waggle staffers bit the bullet and gave it another try following some recent “I won’t go back there” pledges. Recent rains have caused the course to green up as well as it can. Just about everything else (save the location and price) continues to leave a lot to be desired. Be sure to call ahead before going out as this place has lots of groups going out at all variety of times. Ayce
6/23/2006A last minute decision to sneak in a quick round coupled with a $30 golf & lunch coupon drew me to Penderbrook for a bonus Friday AM round. Now I've always enjoyed this course, even though it lacks a range and has a couple of less than inspiring holes. The course is usually in good shape, the people friendly and the food decent. Today I walked away disappointed - the front desk seemed to care less that I was there, the course seemed run down (nothing particulary horrible but enough problems on the tee boxes, in the fairways and the traps, and on the greens that made me notice) and my guest even commented that there was trash all over the course. And, to top it off, when we stopped in for our complimentary lunch we were directed to 2 serving trays - one held some nasty looking chicken bits in an oily liquid, the other a pan of dried out veggies. We asked for something edible instead, or even a hot dog but were told that was it and quote "the chicken isn't actually too bad today" unquote. Needless to say we passed on the FREE lunch and will probably pass on Penderbrook for a while. Bogeyman
3/12/2006Any golf around here in 75 degree weather has to be good even when it is at a course whose strongest suit is not the layout. Penderbrook corners the market on price and location for Northern Virginians so the winter conditions at an average layout are more than acceptable. Although pace of play can be slow due to the abundance of ‘monthly’ golfers, most of the hackers are nice folks who enjoy Penderbrook for its strengths. The new ownership/management company has retained most of the good staff who have kept this rock of a course going on a shoestring. Lots of talk about going private for the residents in Penderbrook appears to be the more distant future, not the immediate future as ownership might desire. The veteran cook, Charlie, who championed half of the all-you-can specials (eat & play) has moved on the greener pastures. But the gem of a GM is still at the helm. Ayce
10/21/2004Location/convenience is the strong suite of this course for most NOVA golfers. Other attributes like layout, condition, pace are only average. But, bargains for play are abundant here. Recent repair to the cart paths has enhanced the quality of play at this well traveled track. Leaf season makes golf more adventurous (unless you're always in the fairway 🙂 as this treed course can get a bit trickier in the fall. Get on their e-mail list for some excellent specials and play this course again. Ayce
7/11/2003Penderbrook remains a Waggle favorite for a quick afternoon round during the week. If you work in the Northern Virginia area and find yourself able to sneak away for a few hours – this course is for you. Our recent round found the course in good condition (don’t be alarmed by #1 tee box – it’s the only one in bad shape) from tee to green. A note from a previous review: #12 no longer requires a second shot over water. This hole has been redesigned (ruined in our opinion) due to too many balls hitting the townhomes behind the original green. One of our favorites things about Penderbrook is the several holes with the huge risk-reward ratio. A couple of par 4s can be reached with a strong drive – but you will be penalized severely is your aim is off. I had to apologize to the foursome ahead of us on #18 – as my drive was pin high but just off the left. This trip the gnats were particularly vicious, so bring the bug juice and have a good time. Bogeyman
12/30/1999Penderbrook offers one of the most reasonable weekday and weekend rates in the Washington area for a course of such good condition and layout. It also is easy to get a tee-time for the weekends at any time during the week. The course is a very traditional layout. Most holes are tree lined and include a moderate amount of sand traps. Water comes into play on about 30% of the holes. The 12th hole is one of the most famously difficult holes in the Washington area. It is a 410 yard par four with a 90 degree dogleg to the left. Water guards the last 175 yards to the green. You need to hit a perfect drive short of the water or you will have over 200 yards to carry over water to the green. I never seem to play the hole successfully. Vranko
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