Pleasant Valley Golf Club

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Course: Pleasant Valley Golf Club
Address: 4715 Pleasant Valley Road
  Chantilly, VA 20151
County: Fairfax
Phone: 703-631-7904
Rates 2012 In-Season
Monday - Friday8318 Holes and cart
Sat, Sun & Holidays9818 Holes and cart
Rates Subject to Change! Always check with the course for current fees.
7/22/2007This course was surprisingly green for the mid summer drought. Conditions were good and the hospitality of the staff has seemed to improve. There is no denying that this is a fun and fair place to play. The pace of play on the Sunday we played was snail like (no ‘player assistant’ was seen). A sign in the clubhouse beckoned for volunteer marshal positions. Be prepared for a slower experience for the somewhat excessive weekend green fee, but try to play Pleasant Valley this summer. Ayce
5/15/2005I had the occasion to play Pleasant Valley twice in one weekend in late May 2005. My overall impressions were shared by all six of my playing partners, leading me to believe that both my praise and criticism may not be too far off the mark. The good news is that a perennially above average course has gotten even better. The work that has been put in by the newest superintendent and his staff has made the course more beautiful and more challenging. At the prices charged for golf at Pleasant Valley, these outstanding conditions draw lots of golfers, all the time. This plethora of golfers has only contributed to worsening the down side of this course which is the friendliness of the pro shop staff and weekend starters. No smile greets you at the cash register, simply an attitude that “you’re lucky we’re letting you play here”. That attitude deteriorates when you reach the first tee as the boot camp veteran starter barks out your marching orders. Too bad the success of a great course has gone to the heads of the few who work there. Be sure to eat there as the food and beverage staff seem to go out of their way to please you. Ayce
5/1/2003Not coincidentally this course that is on park land has the look of a finely manicured scenic park. Having had an abundance of water and time to heal during the winter months, Pleasant Valley is rounding into top shape for the golf season. A new emphasis there on combating slow play is already keeping play times even on weekends under the four and half hour mark. Slow players are being made to skip a hole in deference to the majority of who despise waiting on every tee. All this coupled with an outstanding layout, good food and service, and fair rates make Pleasant Valley a hot course this season. KU
8/26/2000I played here when the course had first opened and was not impressed. The rough still needed some time and the greens were cement hard. But what a difference a year makes. The rough has grown in and the tall thick grass will give you fits if you are in it. Also, the greens now hold nicely. This Scottish style course presents a challenging and enjoyable layout with a nice mix of trees, water and bunkers. Playing from the Medal tees (6509 yards) be ready for some long ones after the turn, 10/12/13 will set the tone for the back 9. The staff was friendly and I can now recommend checking this one out, especially with the Fall rates starting soon. Bogeyman
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