Reston National Golf Course

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Course: Reston National Golf Course
Address: 11875 Sunrise Valley Drive
  Reston, VA 20191
County: Fairfax
Phone: 703-620-9333
Rates 2012 Season
Mon - Fri6918 Holes w/cart
Sat/Sun/Holiday8918 Holes w/cart
Rates Subject to Change! Always check with the course for current fees.
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Back - Gold68787112672.9
Middle - Black65037112371.4
Forward - Silver59037113274.3
7/9/2009Arriving mid morning on a Thursday at Reston National, you might be expecting a lull in the golf action. To do so would be a miscalculation at this busy facility. A group of men were finishing an early tournament, the ladies league was just going out, the 50 kids in the junior camp were rotating to their stations, and the public golfers were filling in the limited gaps. This well run course always seems to be thriving with a variety of activities, not to mention the numerous outings like the full field DC United Soccer tournament on a Thursday no less. Course conditions were in their usual good mode, save for just a tinge of dryness setting in due to a week of no rain. This typically long-playing course was friendlier due to the extra roll on the fairways. I really enjoy playing this place, as apparently do a lot of other golfers. The practice facility bustles with golfers at all hours. Be sure to call ahead to check on play status, but be sure to get to Reston National this season. Ayce
4/24/2009New management at Reston National has the course in terrific condition. The rough was long due to recent rains, so the course played even longer than usual. The large greens ran true as the evidence of aeration was all but gone. The course gets so many players that pace of play is a major challenge for management. The length of the holes and the high volume of players make for some longer than average rounds. Service is good so there are worse places to spend five plus hours. And yes, the joggers and dog walkers are still on the perimeter of the holes. It’s hard to beat the Reston range for a place to beat balls also. Remember to bring your Waggle Pass for a break on the prices, too. Ayce
7/18/2007The course of “dogs and joggers” lived up to its reputation on this hot summer day. Wish those locals who roam the course as if it were their private park were as ‘chilled’ on the golf course as when someone hits a stray shot in their yards! Funny how that works…. The gap between the forward and middle tees at RN is 600 yards so most folks end up playing the middle tees. These tees measure over 6500 yards on a course with some elevation, so this can present a long iron test for a lot of second shots. Conditions were good despite the heat, in fact sprinklers were on mid day on this date. The clubhouse improvements are very noticeable and welcome. Nice range and new putting green. AYCE
10/7/2005In L.A. there is a race track known as the track of lakes and flowers, for obvious reasons. I think of Reston as the course of dogs and joggers for similar apparent reasons. When the planned community of Reston was built there were two courses-North and South. In time one went private and became Hidden Creek, the other was deemed as the public links named Reston National. The course is always mobbed with golfers because of the real estate adage of “location, location, location.” It is also over run by kids and pets accompanying joggers and walkers thanks to the immediate proximity of high density housing ‘on’ the course. Play is terribly slow because of the sheer numbers of rounds played there and because of the length of the course from the popularly played tees. The pricing has always seemed high for the value offered, but again you are paying for that ‘location’ thing? Ayce
12/29/2003Santa delivered good weather for some Holiday golf. And, Reston was a nice present. The course is in great shape. It was obvious the mowers hadn't been out for a while but that was expected. Enjoy some winter golf while you can. Vranko
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