South Riding Golf Club

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Course: South Riding Golfer's Club
Address: 43237 Golf View Drive
  South Riding, VA 20152
County: Loudoun
Phone: 703-327-6660
Rates 4/1/12 - 11/3/12
Monday - Friday7618 Holes and cart
Sat, Sun & Holidays9118 Holes and cart
Rates Subject to Change! Always check with the course for current fees.
Championship - Gold71477213374.5
Medal - Blue65097212970.9
Club - White (Men's)56837211867.8
Club - White (Ladies')56837213173
Red - Forward50047211668.9
11/23/2008Good weather golf days come far and few as we creep towards the holidays. However, this past Sunday a few of us braved the elements and wound up finding a pretty nice day. After a 30 minute frost delay, we loaded up our propane heaters and hit the 1st hole at South Riding Golf Links. Surprisingly, the course is still in fantastic shape. The greens ran extremely fast and the fairways were hard and prone to roll. While the bunkers have that winter look and feel to them, the playing conditions were great from tee to green. Even the leaves seemed to have blown away or pushed off to the side – meaning you can still find your ball on those wayward shots. So the next time the temperature creeps up above 40, take advantage of discounted seasonal rates and get out to South Riding. Mikey G
4/3/2007On a perfect spring day this course looked pretty nice. It is ahead of other courses in terms of “greening-up” and surprisingly the masses were not out yet. The false fronts to some of the greens take some getting used to. As well, Dan Maples designed bunkers which appear to be farther than they actually are. Often times it appears as though traps are greenside when in fact they are closer to the 100 yd. marker. This gives the par 5s a unique look. Number 12 is a good risk/reward par 5. It is followed two holes later by the signature hole, a strong par 3. The fourth hole with the notorious split fairway, has taken on a new look with the loss of the massive tree in the middle of the hole. In spite of the over development, this place still offers some fairly good golf. Ayce
4/8/2006Not worth the full price of weekend play, but South Riding is a keeper. This course still overbooks so getting off on time and getting around in less than 5 hours is difficult. Members seem to resent the ‘public’ golfers and in time this will probably go private. Enjoy this nice layout with forgiving fairways. The third hole with the creek in the landing area and the fourth hole with its split fairway provide at least attention getting golf experiences. Personally I think that position “A” should be just that, and those holes back to back is a bit much. The eleventh hole with the townhouse gallery to the right is downright not very scenic. What a nice course this was before the housing… Ayce
7/4/2004Busy on the fourth of July, South Riding afforded a less then expected (given the price) golf experience. The greens had an above average number of ball marks while the fairways resembled a bombed out Baghdad landing strip. The design of the course has always been a favorite, although with each visit it seems a hundred new houses have appeared too close to the course. The food and beverage service is consistently good even on a busy holiday. The clubhouse staff was friendly and professional. The practice areas are some of the better ones in the area, making it a shame that the course itself was in such spotty conditions. Drainage issues continue to plague some holes but that problem is being dealt with albeit slowly. But the pock marked tees, greens, and bunkers left the most memorable impression. For the price, much better golfing values abound until conditions improve. Ayce
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