Stoneleigh Golf & Country Club

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Course: Stoneleigh Golf Club
Address: 35271 Prestwick Court
  Round Hill, VA 22141
County: Loudoun
Phone: 540-338-4653
Call For RatesGreen fees with cart
Rates Subject to Change! Always check with the course for current fees.
8/22/2008While I enjoy playing this well maintained course, I see why so many golfers dislike some of the holes. The holes numbered 2, 7, and 11 (strange resemblance to the game of craps!) need to be redesigned. Numbers 2 and 11 do not provide landing areas suitable to the demanding second shots. Hole #7 is just a trick shot, or a five iron and wedge to a ninety degree dogleg. The course has an active local membership who give the place a real country club feel. Conditions are very good. The vistas from many holes, like the second, are worth the reasonable charges. Ayce
7/7/2007In the two years since my last round at Stoneleigh, I have had the opportunity to play a lot of fine courses. That fact makes this unusual course even less appealing due to its unfairness. Most of us can deal better with a ‘hard’ course than we can with an unfair one. When you play Stoneleigh, be prepared to deal with both. Count on losing several shots to the unfair features of this cluttered layout. To its credit the course was in better shape than ever in the heat of early July. Lots of new staff are trying to put on a good face for the growing membership and the occasional commuter golfer. If you want “different” go to Stoneleigh. AYCE
8/20/2005Lisa Maki made her first attempt at golf course design with Stoneleigh a decade ago. The rolling terrain was a former apple orchard and is situated across the street from Hill High Orchards. The homes near the course are beautiful and non-intrusive. The pace of play is good. But, it’s tough to find a lot to rave about with Stoneleigh which has a deservedly bad reputation amongst many golfers. The course is simply too tricked up! The first and tenth holes run parallel to each others and present little challenge. The second hole is perhaps the most reviled hole in No. Va., running up a steep slope with a fairway that offers a random chance of a flat lie no matter how good your tee shot. The approach to the second green is ridiculous even from a flat lie due to a rock wall and then a green with way too much undulation. (Nice view of the valley from the green though.) The next most unfair hole is the twelfth where a reprise of #2 on steroids awaits. In general, each hole has double the number of distinguishing ‘features’ that make for a fair test. Be sure to buy a pie from the Hill High Orchard stand as you pull out onto route 7 as you leave and you’ll go home a winner. Ayce
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