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Course: South River Golf
Address: 3451 Solomon's Island Road
  Edgewater, MD 21037
County: Anne Arundel
Phone: 410-798-5865
Toll Free: 800-767-4837
Rates 2012
Private18 Holes & Cart
Rates Subject to Change! Always check with the course for current fees.
8/8/2004A friend and I played South River Golf Course in Edgewater, MD just outside of Annapolis. Surprisingly, being just 30 minutes from the Baltimore/Washington, DC area, the mixture of lush fairways, green hillsides with doglegs, bunkers and water hazards meandered through a beautiful upscale residential community. That meant narrow fairways and well placed drives. Although that didn't happen often, it was a great course with well manicured, true greens. It was such a pleasure to play that we wanted to play all 18 holes but we got a late start. Unfortunately, it was getting a bit dark on #15 but we persevered until #17. Our view from #17 tee box is attached. We had to forego #18 because the cart path home wasn't lighted. We'll have to go back and finish because it was a real pleasure. Tony Madera, head professional, was very gracious and helpful. He actually seemed happy to see us and gave us a good run down on the course before we left for the first hole. For anyone within reach of this course, it's a must play. Steve - Year of Golf Winner
6/23/2004I was lucky enough to be invited to an outing at the beautiful South River Golf Course in Edgewater (near Annapolis) Maryland on an absolutely perfect 80 degree-low-humidity-slight-breeze day. The outing was a scramble and probably best as we needed the entire team to navigate the course. The course was in absolutely perfect condition with tees, greens, fairways and sandtraps in pristine shape. The only thing I noticed was that it seemed like there were a lot of divots which had not been replaced however, this is easily resolved in a scramble with preferred lies! South River offers many challenging holes including what I thought were 3 difficult holes in a row – 9. 10, and 11. Number 9 is a great closing hole for the front nine and requires a good drive over water so you can hit your approach to a green that sits precariously close to another pond. Don’t be short…or long for that matter as sand and/or a hazard will catch you there. Have a beverage at the turn and head out to #10 which looks tough from the tee and requires a good drive down the left center which will leave you an approach over more water. Miss short and you are either wet or in the sand. Our fearless team scored it’s only bogey on this hole. Finally the final of the “big 3”, number 11 which is the number 1 handicap hole. The scorebook says “most players play this one as a par 5, bogey and move on”, but with a decent drive (say 250-ish) and a good 7 iron you’re on the green. The good drive may be difficult as accuracy is required to an uphill narrowed fairway. Every time I’ve played South River, I’ve been impressed with the course conditions and friendliness of the staff. This course always seems to play a little tougher than the 69.4 course rating and 127 slope that it’s rated, but it is really one fun golf course. I strongly recommend it if you’re in the Annapolis area! Lefty's Team
5/22/2004The area of South River near Annapolis is a perfect setting for a scenic place to play golf, and South River golf course is certainly the place. Each hole is uniquely designed using forests and environmental areas to frame a feast for the golfers’ eye. Some large mouthwatering houses will cause you pause for ‘wish it were mine’ thoughts as you negotiate the somewhat target type golf offered here. This course provides a classic example of the need to play a track once to learn it. While shooting 9 strokes over my norm, I left with the feeling that a little knowledge at South River will go a long way on the next visit. Every amenity is top drawer at this fairly pricey course, but due to its high ratings in golfing publications I had to try it out—and it’s worth it! Ayce
10/13/2001South River is located just south of Annapolis in Edgewood Maryland and was reviewed by the team on this beautiful fall day in October. This is an extremely scenic course that features many beautiful views of the surrounding area. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security, as this course plays tough! There are several environmental areas to avoid and water on many holes. Although, the back nine has 3 each (par 3’s, 4’s and 5’s), it is not an easy nine. The front nine is fairly straightforward and a little easier in my opinion. The course itself is well watered and the conditions of the fairways and greens show it! The staff is friendly and the clubhouse offers a large selection of golf apparel, food and drink. It’s nice in that you’re allowed to take carts out on the fairways and you’ll need a cart because of the distance between green to the next tee. This is a must play course and you’ll be back to score better the second time around as you need to play it a couple of times to know where you’re going. For your first round be sure to print out the Players Guide to help you out. Enjoy South River! Lefty/Bogeyman
7/29/2000South River Golf in Edgewater was the play on this last Saturday in July. I had never played there before but had heard it was the “sister” course of Queenstown so I thought I’d give it a try. Unfortunately the heavy rains from the previous evening had the fairways soaked to the gills which caused many shots hit in the fairway to plug and made play take longer than necessary as ball hunting (in the fairway) slowed play. On the good side, this is a must play track. The front nine, in my opinion was relatively straightforward with scenic holes throughout. The back nine was unique as it featured 3 par 3’s, 3 par 4’s, and 3 par 5’s. On some par 5’s you can’t hit a driver and need to play a semi-lay-up shot. The back nine was more difficult than the front and you need to play more than once so you know where to hit your shot. The course winds through housing developments and many of the rides from green to the next tee are substantial – walking is a no-no. All in all the course was in superb shape albeit the rain and I can’t wait to go play it again. Lefty
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