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Course: Timbers at Troy
Address: 6100 Marshalee Drive
  Elkridge, MD 21075
County: Howard
Phone: 410-313-4653
Rates 2012 Season
Mon - Thursday5718 Holes w/cart
Friday6218 Holes w/cart
Sat & Sun6918 Holes w/cart
Rates Subject to Change! Always check with the course for current fees.
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6/22/2010In the middle of a hot spell, I couldn’t think of a better place to play golf during the middle of the week than Timbers at Troy in nearby Elkridge. I had not played here in quite some time and was anxious to get back to see how it was playing. I’m pleased to say that the conditions of this course were very good to excellent. The fairways, although still obviously getting a lot of play, seemed be in much better shape and most of the un-repaired divot marks in the fairways, that I noticed in the past seemed to be gone – and that was certainly good to see! The greens were also in pretty good shape and Timbers is obviously taking good care of the course as it shows. Many holes do not require a driver so make sure your rescue and long irons are ready for some tee ball action. This is a track that I have scored pretty well at and on this day was sailing along until my usual nemesis holes #9 and #12 added 5-over-par to my score! Alas, it’s only 2 bad swings that cost a lot of damage! But I hit enough good shots too - and that’s why we enjoy the game and keep coming back! Look for some blind tee shots on the back nine as many of the marsh land grasses have grown up. Get a yardage book or take a close look at the hole before teeing off on a couple of the holes (#16 comes to mind). After this hot day of golf, a couple of cold beverages sure tasted good in the nicely furnished 19th hole! Give Timbers a play – it’s in great shape! Lefty
7/10/2008A not-so-hot Thursday afternoon found me in good company at Timbers in Elkridge. I had not played here in quite some time and had been hearing mixed reviews about the track. Coming off one of my poorer rounds of the year provided an expectation of a poor round but like the unpredictability of golf, it was the exact opposite. Timbers gets a lot of play – it’s obvious by the condition of the fairways and greens. The course is in pretty decent shape considering all the play it gets but every time I play here, I am amazed at how often I see divots not replaced and greens not repaired. It always seems that this course is cart path only and taking a large divot is pretty much the norm – I fixed ALL of mine – but I do enjoy this track. Starting with 5 straight pars sure helps the cause too! One thing that did bother me on this round was the demonic maintenance crew. Did you ever have a crew that just seemed to follow you around and turn on the sprinklers just as you are playing your approach to the green. Then, the timing is such that they follow you around for what seems like every hole? Unfortunately, we had such a situation that was corrected by the time we made the turn, however it was aggravating to say the least. Oh well, they gotta keep the place nice – however with all the rain and the soggy fairways – I wondered if they really needed all that extra water? I’m not a superintendent so I’ll write it off to bad timing by our group. One thing in need of repair at Timbers was the sand traps but other than that, the course was very playable and we had a nice afternoon. Fairways, Greens and Putts lead me to a solid sub-eighty round – my first in quite a while! Oh yeah, the beverage after the round was really good and cold! Lefty
7/7/2006An impromptu ‘bonus’ round with some neighbors took me back to Timbers for my second round in less than a month. Again, heavy rains from a couple of days ago forced us into cart-path only but this provided a chance to take a closer look at those divots needing replaced I mentioned previously. For the life of me, I don’t understand why golfers can’t take the few minutes it takes to put back a divot. Perhaps they think their caddies will do it for them? Anyway, it appears to me that Timbers at Troy is getting its act together and for an upscale muni at a decent price I would rate the conditions as very good to excellent. Now that is not to say that they are as good as a $100 course, but for a twilight rate of about $40, what’s not to like? I played well this day, hitting some career drives (actually several!) and only my two nemesis holes – why does it always seem to happen like that? – got me again. I’m referring to #9 (double bogey) and my new one, #16 which for the second round in a row after a perfect drive, a gap wedge was chunked into the gunge and resulted in a double! Again, how does that happen? I guess it’s mental! In any event, a 4-birdie round could have been a lot better if it hadn’t been for a couple of bad swings but I do have to say that minus the sandtraps (which are still flooded, muddy and hardpan sand with erosion around the edges) the course was in very playable condition. The greens are just fast enough to challenge you but you are able to stop downhill putts near the hole – if you have that good touch! I’ll be back and I will get those to rotten holes that always get me – trouble is that some other hole will probably get me first! Alas, that’s why we’re not pros! Lefty
6/29/2006In the ever increasing effort to report to you, the local golf community, I scampered out to play Timbers at Troy in nearby Elkridge MD. I had not played this course since the roadway bisecting the course was finished and was pleasantly surprised to see some subtle changes to the course. Number 3 which used to be a short (as in hit an iron off the tee short) par 4 now has a forced carry over a storm water management pond which requires a longer drive to access the green. It’s not overly long (about 360) but you’ll probably want to hit the big stick rather than that long iron. Coming off of number 9, you used to drive across the road and parking lot to access ten, Timbers has created a new access going under the road and keeping the play flowing. Timbers, to me, is a place you can shoot a low score. On this day, my nemesis hole got me (number 9) as a good drive was ruined by a skulled second shot into the trees and eventually a double bogey happened. (How did that happen?) I was sailing along on the back as well until another perfect drive was foiled by a chunked gap wedge into the gunge on #16! A triple bogey later and who said Timbers was a scoring track? Alas, I do enjoy this course and did hit a lot of quality shots. Although it was soggy from all the recent heavy rain, the fairways, greens and tee boxes were in decent enough shape. It always seems that nobody replaced divots at this track as there seem to be a lot of divot holes. If you play there, put’em back! It only takes a minute and besides, you can feel like a pro taking a divot like that! I’m sure once we stop getting so much rain, the bunkers will be fixed but on this day, they were like “ground under repair” with all the mud and hardpan. You’re not supposed to hit the bunkers anyway! When in Elkridge, give Timbers a play and tell them that Lefty from sent you! Lefty
10/13/2004Having never played Timbers, I looked forward as most golfers do to the challenge of a new course when I went to an outing at Timbers at Troy. The only thing better than the anticipation of playing a new course is when your expectations are exceeded, and this was certainly the case. I found Timbers to be one of the best maintained, interesting layouts around making me wonder why I had missed it for so long. We were allowed to take carts on the course for the first time in order to show prospective clients for outings what they (and the public) will expect next season. Every hole is unique and separated from the others by a comfortable flow and short drive from hole to hole. The clubhouse, food, and staff service were as good as any to be found making for a great day of golf. One of the best features about Timbers is the value, with the peak rate on weekends only $56. For this Waggler Timbers at Troy was hidden treasure. (Note: the construction that had been going on for the past couple years is complete) Ayce
4/16/2004On an absolutely beautiful Friday in mid-April, our neighborhood golf day was held at the Timbers at Troy. What an excuse to get out and golf! The construction reported upon last year (see 11/21/03 review) continues…will it ever end? Anyway, I’m happy to report that the course was in better shape than I’ve seen it over the last couple of years. With the fairways and greens in pretty good shape, with the exception of #6, which is still playing to a temporary green as a par 3 (again, will it ever end?). The tee boxes still need some time to come around but hopefully with the spring they’ll improve. You’ll have to drive around construction equipment on your way from some greens to the next tee, but all in all, the construction does not affect the golf course that much (providing you can block out that occasional “beep beep” of the backup alarms. Timbers continues to play the back nine first for ease of cart traffic to avoid the construction as much as possible but you’ll still play all 18 holes. They have expanded their pro shop and now offer an electronic handicap system. If you’re like me and play a lot of different courses, you can keep your WAGGLECAP right here on line and then print your scores, take them to Timbers and punch them in on the computer to keep an “official” handicap there. I’ll be “forced” to get out to Timbers again soon, however in the meantime; it is still a good play! Lefty
11/21/2003On a beautiful Friday in late November, I couldn’t resist the urge to get out and “work” at reporting on another golf course. Timbers is under construction as the extension of Marshalee Drive will basically bisect the course running parallel to many holes. While the construction is on going, you’ll find some temporary inconveniences along some holes but nothing major to hurt your golf enjoyment. Hole #6 is again playing as a par 3 to a “fairway green with a large hole” (translation: easy par 3 and a better score for the front nine!). For those of you who don’t know, #6 is a par four and the green was redone approximately 2 years ago, apparently to no avail. The remainder of the course was in fairly good shape although some sand traps needed some work (actually they needed some sand). The fairways, greens and tee boxes were all in decent enough shape as well and on this day, because of the construction, Timbers was playing the back nine first for ease of cart traffic. Keep your score reasonable on the front and go for broke on the back with the 3 par 3’s! Lefty
6/26/2003I had been hearing so many different reviews about the course either being in great shape from all the rain or relatively poor shape from what it should be because of a lack of play from all the rain so I decided to try it myself so you all could get an unbiased, albeit left-handed, view! I was mostly pleased with the condition of the course so those that told me it was in pretty good shape were correct in my book. On this hot day the fairways were good, the greens good (some patchy spots but not many), tee boxes good and rough was high. The course played relatively quickly and the only negative comment about Timbers that I have is a recurring one – it seems that for some reason, players do not replace/repair their divots here and the result is a lot of divot holes in the fairways. This track is a nice play and offers enough of a challenge and enough forgiveness for all skill levels to enjoy! Lefty
9/1/2001The parents were still in town so I got a kitchen pass to go play with my dad on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I learned the hard way that if you make a tee time in advance and are a Howard County Resident you get pinged for an extra $10. NOTE: Walk ons get a break – call the course for a full explanation. Anyway, we managed to get out and play Timbers and I was pretty disappointed with the condition of the course. The fairways were in good shape but had many, many, divot holes from careless golfers not replacing them. The greens were not in the best of shape either as some were damaged and others just bumpy and rough. I’ve played this course in the past and the greens were in pristine shape so I’m not sure what is going on but they certainly can be better. The bunkers were full of water, from recent rains, so I can’t beat up on Timbers for that, but overall this course has been in better shape than on this particular day. The layout is nice and the clubhouse has a big TV and cold beer! Lefty
11/10/2000I was invited to play in an "afternoon special" and who am I to turn down a round of golf? It was cold and breezy on this November afternoon but that didn't stop us from hitting the links. Timbers at Troy was undergoing some repair work and a couple of the holes had temporary greens and were shortned from a par 4 to a par 3. However, for the most part, it was in pretty good shape for late fall and we managed to get around in just over 4 hours. There are a couple of greens that need some attention and hopefully they will be ready for play this spring. All in all in spite of the cold windy conditions, it was a day out of the office which is a good day of golf! Lefty
10/16/1999We had a neighborhood outing at Timbers at Troy on a beautiful fall Saturday morning - hey it was a way to get out and golf! The course was in better shape than last time with many of the greens (with the exception of a few damaged ones) having returned to their old form after the aeration. (see my last review of T of T). The fairways had been recently aerated however they were in pretty good shape albeit many divot holes from careless golfers not replacing them! We played the blue tees and only a triple bogey on a par three kept me from one of my best rounds ever. There is plenty of play at the Timbers! Lefty
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