The Woodlands Golf Course

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Course: The Woodlands Golf Course
Address: 2309 Ridge Rd.
  Woodlawn, MD 21244
County: Baltimore
Phone: 410-887-1349
Rates 2012 Season
Weekday5318 Holes and cart
Sat/Sun/Hol.7318 Holes and cart
Rates Subject to Change! Always check with the course for current fees.
6/25/2010An early summer round took me back to Woodlands in Baltimore County. I was looking forward to playing on a great weather day for golf after my last wind blown adventure here. Unfortunately, this time, I couldn’t blame it on the wind as for some reason, I was chunking nearly all of my approach shots which left me with a lot of “pitch and putts” to save par. I hope you haven’t had too many of those days but for some reason, just about every iron from the fairway was hit fat. The fairways were beautiful and the greens were quick enough to be challenging but also held approach shots nicely. Usually holes number 9, 10 and 11 get the best of me but 2 pars and a bogey put me through my “murders row” at only 1 over, but as is the norm when you don’t play enough, when you conquer your tough holes the other ones you normally par will bite you in the shorts. A couple of snowmen messed up what could have been a decent round but on a beautiful day like today on a fantastic course, who is to complain? I managed to have an eagle putt on the very difficult (on most days) #17 after hitting a near perfect drive and a 7 iron to a tough front pin location and for a change, I hit a decent putt – not perfect enough for the eagle but good enough for a tap-in birdie – don’t you love those kind? Anyway, it wasn’t quite enough to completely right the ship but it did help and the 19th hole certainly was a nice finish! Lefty
4/28/2010A bonus mid-week round at Woodlands was the play on this windy April day. Unfortunately, the wind took my game away but it didn’t take away the fine challenge of the Woodlands. We played the white tees at a little over 6100 yards. Originally it didn’t seem that long…but did I mention the wind? I have played this course many times and always seem to plod along pretty well until #9 which is appropriately the #1 handicap hole playing at 420+ uphill into the wind it was a 3 shot hole on this date. As usual the short but tricky (to me) #10 par three and difficult par 4 #11 beat me up but I will get them one of these days. I know you know what I’m talking about…everybody has those holes that “get in your head” and you just can’t seem to play well on them. The course always seems to be in pretty good shape as these Baltimore County courses usually are – Woodlands is certainly a challenge and a fun course to play. The 19th hole is accepting of thirsty golfers and is a nice place to add up your score. Lefty
9/30/2006The ‘rents came to town for a late Lefty birthday weekend and what a better way to spend it than to golf. We chose The Woodlands for its close proximity to the homestead and since I haven’t played there for a while, things worked out just right. The weather did not cooperate however as my anticipated 65 degree no rain day turned into an intermittent drizzle overcast day – one which we nearly quit after nine. The skies cleared somewhat as we were playing up nine so we managed to play the back nine rain-free. On this day, Woodlands had several tee boxes (most of them on the front nine) being replaced and they used the forward tees for the most part. The markers were placed to make the yardage as accurate as possible and in this Lefthander’s opinion, the length was fairly accurate. Of course, the rain made the course play longer but I was pleasantly surprised to see the course in good overall shape. There were some sandtraps which were sans-sand but I noticed the sand piles in the parking lot on the way out and expect them to be “normal” sand traps soon. I only hit into one and gave myself a free drop – after all, you’re not supposed to hit into them! Anyway, the remainder of the course was in pretty good shape (albeit wet and soggy) and the greens were VERY deceptive and what I call sneaky fast. You’ll be tracking along playing and scoring pretty well until you get to #9 which is the #1 handicap hole a long uphill par 4. I managed to hit the green in regulation with a long 3-iron to the green only to 3 putt and not get that closing par on the front – rats! Then #10-11 and 12 are – in my opinion – three of the tougher holes on this golf course. Ten – for some reason – always gets me. It’s a docile looking 150+ par 3 which I never seem to par. #11 is a long par 4 with water on the left and a difficult long iron approach over a ravine to an ever-so-tricky green. Finally #12 is another fairly long par 4 with water on the right side and another deceptive approach shot to another undulating tricky green. I finished these 4 holes at 6 over and actually managed to hit several good shots in the process! Alas, that’s why we’re NOT playing w/ Tiger and the boys on the weekends. The remainder of the round went pretty well and I would have to say that Woodlands IS a challenge as well as a fun place to play in the Baltimore/Ellicott City area. Play it and let me know how you do on Lefty’s Amen Corner (#9-12). Lefty
1/7/2005January isn’t supposed to be for golf is it? When temps are around 50 (or higher), Jan IS for golf and so I decided to venture out and do some more winter golf exploring for The Woodlands was soggy from the day long rain yesterday and a mild breeze kept the air a little colder than we’d have liked but then again, it’s January and we’re golfing – so who cares? On this day the course was peaceful and scenic as only a few ventured out to slog around this track. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the fairways were in pretty decent shape (but wet and soggy); the greens were recently fertilized and rather bumpy with the fertilizer “seeds” scattered throughout but they still putted pretty true. The sand traps were not maintained with most having the sand drained to the middle and bottom of them but then again, did I mention it’s winter and we’re not supposed to be golfing? For golf addicts the winter rate and course condition of Woodlands can’t be beat. Let’s just keep those temperatures up and play on! Lefty
10/13/2003It was an absolutely perfect Fall day for the team to defend their championship at the 2nd Annual Eamonn McGeady Memorial tournament. We hadn’t been out to the Woodlands for quite some time and were pleased to note the improvements to both the course and the facilities. The course was in GREAT shape with the exception of some tee boxes. The fairways, sand traps and greens were pristine and we didn’t remember the greens being as quick as they were on this particular day but they did roll true and we managed to hole out several long ones to improve our score. The Woodlands’ greens will force you to master the art of greens reading quickly as they offer a wonderfully challenging combination of tiers and undulations. Woodlands is not particularly long but with plenty of doglegs and blind tee shots you will need some knowledge of where to position both your tee shot and approaches to score well (get the yardage book if it’s your first time). The facility improvements include an upgraded and larger clubhouse and pro shop with plenty of combination golf and football items to show your team spirit. We were robbed on this particular day by some sandbaggers posting a 53(!) – that’s nineteen under! – however, we’ll be back next year to reclaim our crown! Lefty/Bogeyman
3/23/2001My neighbors asked me if I wanted to play on a windy Friday and as I needed to get out and golf (don't we all) so I said yes. It proved to be a tough day as the wind and cold got under my skin ... or I could blame it on "early season" rust, however, my two previous Vegas scores don't really help me in that department so we'll chalk it up to the wind. (Remember; always have at least ONE excuse.) Anyway, Woodlands was in pretty good shape for early spring. The greens were a little "furry" but were not damaged and held shots well. The fairways were also in good shape although there were still a lot (in my opinion) of divot holes in the fairways and although the course was extremely wet - as it always seems to be (squishy walking on most fairways) at Woodlands - it was “playable”. I guess on account of all the wind and wet conditions, the groundskeeper had all (tips too) of the tees up front which took a little of the fun out of the course but we did have a good, albeit, windy day. Lefty
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