Waverly Woods Golf Club

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Course: Waverly Woods Golf Club
Address: 2100 Warwick Way
  Marriottsville, MD 21104
County: Howard
Phone: 410-313-9182
Website: www.waverlywoods.com
Rates 2012
Mon - Th6418 Holes & Cart
Friday7418 Holes & Cart
Sat/Sun & Holidays8418 Holes & Cart
Rates Subject to Change! Always check with the course for current fees.
8/29/2009A visit by my family was an excellent excuse to get out and play a weekend round of golf and Waverly Woods was the venue on this overcast but nice Saturday morning. It had been a while since my last trip to Waverly so I was anxious to get back to the fast tricky greens that I remembered but alas, it was aeration season and they weren’t quite healed yet. Nonetheless, we were treated to another fine round of excellent course conditions with that one exception. Waverly starts you off with a fairly innocent par 4 but then holes 2, 3, and 4 will have you wondering how long of a day you’re in for. On this day, I remember number 2 which can be a tricky par 5 if you let it, requiring proper club selection on your approach to this green or you’re in the waste area (I found out the hard way!). Number 3 requires an accurate drive to leave a short approach (lots of room to bail on the right but then you have a tricky up and down for a par) and then number 4 requires a long accurate drive which leaves a long iron to an uphill green that usually has the flag hidden behind a large mound (it’s got one of those really long flagsticks). I always enjoy playing here because of its challenging layout. The only downside is the fairly large entry fee to play – alas, perhaps they will get into the Waggle Pass soon? The bar and grill is very comfortable with a big screen TV if you want to hang out for the 19th hole as well. Guinness was on tap this day which is almost always a nice play! Lefty
1/4/2007Can you believe the great weather? 60 degrees on January 4?! We managed to sneak out to Waverly Woods for a day of golf so I figured I’d review if for those of you obsessed with this wonderful game! I don’t know about you, but winter golf isn’t quite the same as “regular” golf. For instance, winter golf had no ball washers on most courses – Waverly didn’t. Of course they would freeze and probably break which is why they can’t be out on the course. Also, the course itself – and this is normal – isn’t in as good of shape as summer/fall golf. But then again, we’re out enjoying this great day on a beautiful track. Today, I tried out my new Calloway Big Bertha Irons. (Note: Don’t go out and expect to play your best round if you’re hitting new clubs. Also, I hadn’t been out for nearly 6 weeks, so I wasn’t swinging the club too well.) We played the back tees and at 6600 yards with not a lot of roll, some of the par 4’s were extremely difficult. Add a couple of 200 yard par threes and you’ve got quite a winter challenge. The course was in pretty good shape for winter ball, with the tees, fairways and greens being better than average. I was pleasantly surprised to see the sand traps raked and in good shape as well. (Did I mention that I tried to hit my new irons?) With winter rates about $50, and a pretty decent course, take advantage of this great weather while you can! Lefty
7/14/2006It was a beautiful summer day, not too hot and we decided it was time to get back to Waverly Woods for a “review”! This review was very enjoyable as this track is in absolutely fantastic shape! You’ll need your best putting touch and some strategic approach shots to the low side of the hole if you’re gonna master these greens but they do putt true. The hole I seem to remember is #4 which is a long dogleg right par 4 to an uphill green. The flag is usually tucked behind one of two mounds on the left side and the 10’ flagstick is there so you can see the flag on your approach. Play at least one extra club, two if you’re hitting against the wind on your approach as it plays longer than the distance. I never seem to hit this green in regulation although I did one-putt par it once. Today I managed to break my driver - no not over my knee after a poor drive - (although I’m sure we’ve all been tempted) but rather after hitting a good drive on #9, the shaft broke off inside the head which wasn’t noticed until I pulled it out on number 10! Egad! The remainder of the round was played with a 2-ironwood as the driver (which is a legitimate excuse) but nonetheless, we managed to finish unharmed! We crossed the street to Mangia’s for a cold one and some wings, which is also recommended by this writer. Waverly is running many specials and if you get a chance, stop out and play golf at a discount rate – I’m fairly certain you will enjoy this track! Lefty
10/3/2003Our neighborhood Golf Club outing was switched from the normal 3rd Friday of the Month as a result of that terrible woman named “Isabelle”, however we got a much better day to play. Although it was slightly chilly and often windy, it only added to the challenge of this challenging track. Usually, Waverly gives me fits, and with an opening nine of 46, under windy conditions, I thought it would beat me again, however I recovered slightly on the back nine to garner some respect back. On this particular fall day, the fairways were in good shape and the greens were in excellent shape. In fact, they were the fastest I’ve observed at this track, however they were fair and putted true – hey, what more can you ask for? An observation for this course is to play it a few times so you know which side of the green to play to for an uphill putt. I was a little put out by the tee boxes being pretty rough, but when you’re hitting off the tee, who cares? Overall this course was playable (as always), challenging (see fast greens comments) and fun (see for yourself). Lefty
4/14/2003It was a beautiful spring day and I decided it was time to get back to Waverly Woods to do some work, lucky enough for me, “work” meant playing the course! I had always considered Waverly a fairly short track, however it’s probably because I always played from the white tees. Just for kicks, I backed up to the blues (measuring 6602 vs. 6304 from whites) and although not terribly long, it did make a difference on several holes and now fits into my category of “normal” length vs. a “short track”. I have been hitting the ball pretty well as of late 270+ on good drives so perhaps I need to adjust my perspective…funny thing though, the scores aren’t dropping yet – oh well, it’s early in the year! Anyway, Waverly was in pretty good shape for early spring with the fairways pretty full, the greens fast and true with only a few bare spots in non-essential places and rough which was “rough” but fair and only slightly penalized errant shots. Three of par threes required long irons and the other (of 140-ish) was playing directly into the wind on this day which required a proper club selection as well. I hit the ball well on this date but the short game has a long way to go. Several three putts on Waverly’s fast but true greens, as well as, several poor chips cost me many more strokes than I would have liked but hey, it’s early! Did I mention that before? Waverly is in good shape and will only get better this spring so give it a play! Lefty
4/6/2001What was supposed to be a nice Friday morning turned out to be windy and rainy but nonetheless, we managed to get in a quick18 before lunch and the heavier afternoon rain. Waverly was in pretty good shape for early spring and although the greens were just recently aerated they are only about a week away from being back to normal. The fairways were also in excellent shape and even the weather couldn’t stop us from enjoying the beautiful scenery at the Woods. Lefty
9/3/2000Labor Day weekend and some cousins came to town – a perfect excuse to go play a round! I was a little disappointed that the greens were recently aerated (on 8/28) as they normally present quite a challenge being extremely fast, however my disappointment went away after the first few holes as the greens were nearly back to normal. In fact, they were softer and held approach shots better than my previous time at this nice track. The fairways were in excellent shape although there were a lot of divot holes which hadn’t been replaced by careless golfers (I put all of mine back!). The staff, starter, and cart attendant were very friendly and in another week Waverly’s greens should be back to their normal pristine condition. Lefty
6/10/2000The in-laws were in town which was reason enough for me to get out and check out Waverly Woods’ Twilight Rate on a hot Saturday afternoon. Usually this course has it’s way with me and after an opening 5 over after 3 holes, I thought I was doomed again, however I righted the ship and experienced a fine round at this great track. From the tee you have some room to miss however as stated in my previous review, Waverly Woods can punish you on errant approach shots. The fast (but true) greens were in excellent shape and if you’re above the hole, good luck with a two putt. The woodsy scenery is beautiful and I know I’ll be back to Waverly to play again. Lefty
8/2/1999It's always nice to get out during the week and sneak in a quick round especially when it's on a nice track such as Waverly Woods. Nearly every hole brings you some beautiful scenery and the view from several of the tee boxes can be very deceptive the first time out. You had better bring your total game to this course as errant shots are punished off the tee box (with some sloping fairways) and around the greens by creating very difficult up-and-downs from a wrong greenside position (take it from me, I learned the hard way!). You will also need to bring your "silky soft touch" putting game and play below the hole to avoid the dreaded three-putt on the lighting fast but true and fair greens. The course was in excellent shape and it was a treat to play. Lefty
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