West Winds Golf Club

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Course: Westwinds Golf Club
Address: 11330 Country Club Road
  New Market, MD 21774
County: Frederick
Phone: 301-831-6191
Website: www.westwindsgc.com
Rates 2012
Weekdays3018 Holes w/cart
Weekends/Holidays4818 Holes w/cart
Rates Subject to Change! Always check with the course for current fees.
9/24/2004The parents came down for a birthday visit and that was enough of an excuse for me to sneak out to play some golf. My first choice of courses had a tournament so I opted for Westwinds. Bad move! From a disagreement with the front desk over a coupon interpretation, to the marginal conditions of the course, to several sloping difficult holes this beautiful golf day could have been better. I presented a coupon for a 2-for-1 offer and did not agree with their opinion of how cart fees should be handled. Several attempts at reasoning with the staff did me no good so buyers beware of this little misleading advertisement. The marginal condition of the course is next on the hit list. There were areas of nearly every fairway that had sporadic growth. Several greens had burnt spots, the rough was pretty high and made it difficult to find a ball while the sloping fairways on many holes made it nearly impossible to keep a drive in the fairway – adding time and frustration to this round. On the back nine, you still have the opportunity to drive through a construction zone (will it ever be finished?) I did notice some improvement on holes 14 through 16 from my last visit, but that improvement was that the fairway now has grass instead of dirt with mulch. Unfortunately, the fairway was what I refer to as “sommer” grass as in some is here and some is there! Although the course was playable, I’d rate the overall condition of the course as only average. Finally, there are several confusing holes – which sounds like I’m whining - but when you pike one down the middle or on the correct side of the fairway, only to have the sloping fairway carry your shot into thick rough – it only adds to frustration and in my opinion, does not provide for a good round. You can play Westwinds if you want to, but I won’t be back for quite a while. Lefty
8/22/2004By late August you probably have played enough golf that your game is about as good as it gets. But remember you have most likely been playing your favorite course where you know the roll of the greens and where to place your tee shots. Well, if that is the case then get a taste of reality at a ‘different’ course and be motivated to get those lessons before the season ends. Westwinds will provide just the gut check your late August game craves, as it is one of the more unusual and difficult courses around. The number one handicap hole is a long par four dogleg right calling for a long second shot over water. The #2 handicap hole seems even tougher with a fairway that squirms toward an elusive green. The tee shot on this hole is at a large tree in the fairway. Miss right and your ball is in a pond, and miss left and it races off the sloping fairway into the rough. The perfect tee shot must be into the tree with a prayer for a good bounce! About six other holes including the par fives (there are five of them and five par threes) that are like nothing else you have ever played, or want to play. Ayce
6/22/2002My first time at Westwinds and I was pleasantly surprised. The course was lush and green while many other local tracks are turning brown. We were lucky enough to have a couple of local curmudgeons help us around as several of the holes have tricky layouts and the local knowledge helped us first-timers. Bogeyman
8/31/2001The parents came down for Labor Day weekend and I took advantage of a Waggle.com FEESAVER special (sign up from the home page – it’s free!) and ventured out to Westwinds for a sub-$20 round of golf. Well, you get what you pay for as evidenced by the starter’s answer of “Improving” to my question of “How’s the course?” It really wasn’t in THAT bad of shape with the exception of #16, which has major reconstruction going on, and no fairway to speak of. Also, because of the reconstruction on #15 and 16 you get to see construction equipment close up! The rest of the course was playable and although the conditions weren’t pristine, several holes offered challenging shots. Hey, what did I care, it was a beautiful day and I was on the golf course. Westwinds is in the process of turning into a private course so take advantage of the specials while you can. For less than $20 (including cart) what have you got to lose? Lefty
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