Hilltop Golf Club 05/23/2009

Hilltop Golf Club Alexandria, VA – 5/23/2009
It is always fun to introduce a golf buddy to a new course, particularly one you like. On a Saturday morning my Jayhawk friend met me for a quick nine at Hilltop. Be advised that a quick nine at Hilltop is always under two hours. The pace of play never disappoints and encourages a replay (there is a reduced rate for that, too.) Reactions of first time Hilltop golfers are so predictably positive, with everybody remarking that it is had to imagine such views so close to the beltway. The range and putting areas are ideal for warming up prior to hitting the unique nine, a nine that boasts the second toughest par four in the area in #3. Hilltop holds a lot of events for the public, so check the calendar inside the clubhouse or sign up for their newsletter. Ayce

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