Links at Gettysburg – 5/27/2010

A beautiful spring day took me to back to the Links of Gettysburg and having not played there for several years, I was anxious to give it a look.

I’m pleased to say, it has “grown in” and the conditions were nicer than I remember last time. OK so I had a couple of snowmen on the opening and closing holes and some other not so good shots but what a nice track!

Number 18 is a great closing hole. A long par 5 with a classic risk-reward decision for the second shot if you drive it well. You will also enjoy #4, another par 5 that will have you wondering after you hit your drive and see it sailing off down the hill, “did I hit it too far (or not far enough)”. You will see what I mean when you get there but here’s a hint – miss right and you’re wet, miss left and you’re wet. Hit it too long and you’re wet and finally, don’t try to hit it over the water on the right – it looks like you can make it but unless you’re a 3+ guy, don’t try it (unless you are mad at a ball and want to drown one!).

I have always enjoyed the clubhouse and patio overlooking 18 for the post round beverage and today was another “home run”.

Play the Links – tell them Lefty from Waggle sent you!

Lefty (88)

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